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A short (ор not), CV mostly about my outdoor experience, expeditions and activities

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As many people I have a great projects and simple dreams.

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Some photos from favorites trips and link to my G+ galleries

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Over the years, because of the activities with which I do I been mentioned or interviewed in the press, online and TV media.

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As a part of different expedition and lead by my passion to travel I always find time to travel around.


Some try to make youtube clips from my trips

What I can do for you

Outdoor instructor

Accumulated over the years experience in outdoor activities, working with ropes and rope elements or moderating dynamics in groups during training, team building and children’s camps engaging me in events of various organizations. To give an idea, tie a rope or lead group, I’m always open for tender.

Creating a map for you

One of the tasks of services of accommodation establishments is not only to provide and showcase opportunities for recreation in their territory, but also in its immediate vicinity. This may be a tourist map, brochure or website page, I can offer options. Want a map with route for your book with adventures? No problem.

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Безвизов режим за българи

Visa requirements to Bulgarians around the world

Since Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, visa requirements for Bulgarians are becoming more and more relaxed with each year. That’s why after the map of the friendly world, in the World Tourism series, I decided to visualize this. And at the moment visa-free or with just an ID card can travel to […]

Карта на българския етнос

Map of the Bulgarian ethnicity

First portion of topic that has long excites me – namely Bulgarian diaspora typed at municipal level the number of Bulgarians in countries where Bulgarian ethnicity is recognized as an official part of the nation. These are countries where Bulgarians live in centuries, or at least the last 200-300 years and are not part of […]

She, he, it … Or how we say in Bulgarian, names of different countries.

I recently saw a similar map created by Polish enthusiast like me and I was excited to make such a map and on Bulgarian, because I saw how many differences there are in different languages. A as a one of the founding of the Cyrillic alphabet, the Bulgarian is most appropriate to represent Slavic cyrillic […]

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  • Челник Geonaute ONnight 410 24.07.2017
    Това е ревю, което трябваше да бъде написано преди година, ако не и повече. Но реших първо да изхабя батерията, да видя колко издържа, как свети в различните условия и ето как времето си мина. Но не, батерията не издържа повече от година, онзи ден го заредих за трети път. И не, не е стоял […]
  • Резултати от Анкетата за веломаршрутите около София 07.04.2017
    Една от най-посещаваните страници в сайта Велотуринг БГ е тази за веломаршрутите около София. На самият сайт и в проекта Sofia City Escape, веломаршрутите около столицата са може би най-неястният елемент поради редица спънки за колоездачите. Такива са излаза от София – имаме чудесен Околовръстен път с още по-чуден интензивен тежкотоварен трафик и без голями […]
  • Сиври кая 30.03.2017
    Отдавна Краси искаше да отидем отново до Родопите и да заснемем липсващи парчета от пъзела, който той и Алекс сглабят с филма по проекта Светлина и култ. На няколко срещи на по бира се нахвърляха места, но свободните ни дни бяха ограничени. Уж да тръгнем рано, но чак към обяд се изнесохме от София. И […]