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Визуализирани резултатите от проведеният Референдум 2015 за електронното гласуване. Във всички общини мнозинството гласове са за въвеждането му – между 40 и 76%. Гласували с Да. Над 70% са големите градове София, Варна, Пловдив. Най-висок процент гласували с Не е Община Челопеч.  Интересна е графиката за съотношението между Да и

When I discovered excel file with the coordinates of all stations in Antarctica, while looking for more information about the Bulgarian one, immediately I said – This will be an interesting project … And indeed. Export the file in Fusion Tables, as I put columns with a coordinates, be such

Accidentally I found this table and after two days reading more I filled more with the numbers of tourists visiting different European countries. Unfortunately, these statistics are not in all countries conducted regularly and I have included data from both the past year and 5 years ago… But still give

I finished the graduation of the routes in rich in roads and trails Lozen mountain. Since the mountain is small, instead of to describe the 3 marked route, I decided to make it so that everyone can choose their way from a junction to junction. See the schematic diagram and

This is a map of the working population distributed by municipalities. The percentages in different municipalities vary between 40 and 70%. Things are different with the% of the population to 17 years. The highest rate is 27%, but unfortunately the lowest is near zero – only 3.5% Elderly people are

This is a map of the population since Census 2011. Areas with over 300,000 inhabitants are Sofia city, Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Varna. Below 100,000 is just Vidin. So far nothing new. But why I do these graphs are the ratio between the different age groups in areas.

the total length of the galleries and the deepest cave in the area. As seen absolute favorite is Vratsa region with more than 800 caves, 50 km of galleries and the second deepest cave in the country. Another interesting fact is that in the area of Lomovete half the length

On these maps can be seen the distribution of different religions by regions. The date is dynamic and can at any time to be make changes. Gradation of colors respectively with pale at 0-1000, 1-5000 5-10 000 10 -25 000, 25-50000, 50-100000, 100-200000 or 200 000 to 1.5 million at