Map adequate greensward, fountains and picnic places for

Wild camping and campground around Bulgaria

The beginning

Some time ago in a conversation with Petar traveled around 100 NTOs with a bicycle was born the idea of a map of the good places for a camping and a tents in Bulgaria. Since this is my favorite way to stay, I accepted the idea at heart and started to put places that I know. Since sometimes it is nice except fountain and shade to have and a shower or other convenience added the famous campsites around the country and near the border on the other side.

The project in the future

After every trip I spend a day, even two, adding the new places I’ve noticed along the way. I have left the map open for editing to add new locations from any one interested. For myself, no matter how much I travel, it is difficult to add everything available.
And in the future, I hope to add the map to the bicycle trips app, on which work it.

In map have

Wild campground places
Need to comfirm places
Places to rest

How to use the map when you’re traveling!

Download map on your phone...

From the three dots next to the title you can download the map as KML. Then, if you use a program like OrixMaps, you can open the KML file there.

Save the map to your MyMaps

From the same three dots next to the title you can Copy the map to your Google MyMaps account. So you can add it as a layer of the Google Maps app or open it without searching the web on your computer

Use as a user and as an editor

Now imagine that after every your trip you add only two new places? After a year only of you, how many will they will be? Another 20, 50, 100 new places? Worth it, right?

I hope you card is useful if you like the idea to get involved. Not necessarily by adding points, for example by sharing with friends page and website on social networks. You can also treat a beer . Cheers and a nice camping

If you have any questions or problems with the map