Welcome to my website

Travel a lot all around Bulgaria, I want to share beautiful places, or tracks well hidden even for locals to see how beautiful my country and whole Balkans are. And my work as volunteer with organisations like Sofia Green Tour meet me with a lot people all around the world.

Where is worth to go

I personally, prefer mountains, especially Rhodope mountain or monasteries (again most of them in mountains around). 

Or think what to do?

bulgaria travel ideas, Welcome


With so many mountains around and three major Long Distance hiking routes here, there a plenty of tracks to follow.

bulgaria travel ideas, Welcome

Mountain biking

Paths or dirt roads, downhill or cross country always is nice to feel wind in your hear... or bald head, your choise.

bulgaria travel ideas, Welcome

Cycling Touring

Because Danube river most of you know only Euro Velo 6 route in Bulgaria, but here nave so many other options

bulgaria travel ideas, Welcome

Extreme sports

Climbing, caving, rafting... Summer or winter, above or under the ground I never tire to go outside for some fun