Duhlata – the longest cave in Bulgaria

Duhlata cave is the longest (18 km.) and one of most beautiful cave system in Bulgaria. In south foot of Vitosha mountain is only 40 km from Sofia center. Which make her very attractive and  prefer destination for cavers from capital. Also trip in this cave is better way to fascinate a new caving course participants about caves. But Duhlata cave is maze, and even entrances are with bars every 2-3 years here have a rescue mission for people lost or lock by water inside.

And this thousands meters underground are full with different and amazing formations. Discovering deeply hidden halls and galleries take time, but satisfaction is complete. The Fox – named on calcified fox skeleton, Sinters cellers, Aragonitite, Fairy tales, Throne rooms, Lightnings.

(Photos: Caving club and Speleo School Sofia Archive)

After Yagodinska cave (only on my opinion), that is second most beautiful cave in Bulgaria. And you may see all of kind formations – from small aragonites, trough helectites to few meters high calcite drapery, stalactites, stalagmites and stalactones…

For now all this beauties are mostly protected not by bars, but by difficulty to rich them. The way to New sections and  the Fox is more that 6-8 hours one direction, in Malka Duhla (Little Duhla) and Edelweiss section places to walk standing are few, climb to Lightnings hall is OK if not see somebody light down 🙂

But one of easiest and appropriate routes in Duhla cave for course/big group is Entrance A to Entrance B. Depend by group takes 2-4 hours and pass not so difficult, but beautiful passages and galleries like Slide, Rhino, The Fish, Little horse, the Thrones rooms

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