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To the Lakes day 2


First day rain, rain, rain… But on day 2 has perfect weather. On morning until drink my coffee I see maybe meteorological balloon.

Path down in South Vitosha is narrow, but well marked. On lunch time I rich Smilio shelter, a perfect place. Between Cherni vrah and Smilio have only one water source. And on shelter also need to have, but how I realize hard to find. So this day motto has – Safe the water…

Is good to know, that maybe half of South Vitosha slope is covered with blueberries bushes. And only place when is posible to meet bear on Vitosha. A few time I see a suspicious blueberries heaps.
Little bit after Smilio shelter Vitosha finish. And begin Verila mountain. It’s small mountain with poor (even for E4 route) marking and water sources… At evening I rich Goliam Debeletz – highest point on Verila and camp in area.

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