To the Lakes day 2

First day rain, rain, rain… But on day 2 has perfect weather. On morning until drink my coffee I see maybe meteorological balloon.

Path down in South Vitosha is narrow, but well marked. On lunch time I rich Smilio shelter, a perfect place. Between Cherni vrah and Smilio have only one water source. And on shelter also need to have, but how I realize hard to find. So this day motto has – Safe the water…

Is good to know, that maybe half of South Vitosha slope is covered with blueberries bushes. And only place when is posible to meet bear on Vitosha. A few time I see a suspicious blueberries heaps.
Little bit after Smilio shelter Vitosha finish. And begin Verila mountain. It’s small mountain with poor (even for E4 route) marking and water sources… At evening I rich Goliam Debeletz – highest point on Verila and camp in area.

Author: Ogi Stoyanov

There are many reasons to travel. My trips are based on my experience as outdoor lover, Outward Bound instructor and volunteer in social projects and attempt to share it

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