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To the Lakes day 3

I have some suspicions that and today will not rich the lakes. But ahead of me has a only village on way – Klisura. I know this place very well, as friends of mine nave a villa there. And know that in restaurant in center have a delicious french fried.

Rila summits become larger and larger, but I walk down to pass between Verila and Rila mountains where Klisura village has hidden. At last I stop and look back to Vitosha far – far away…

Klisura and Rila in front
Vitosha and Verila back

After nice lunch in Klisura with two beers, I start climb approach of Rila. This part know as Lakatishka Rila is completely different from other Rila mountain. Likes more to Verila mountain, but have a lot more water. Still locals use mountain so have many dirt roads and I lost marks few time. At evening I see Seven Rila lakes area in front of me, but between as has a deep gorge of Djerman river. So I find a place with nice view and make a camp, to enjoy

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