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The Dance of the White Brotherhood


From dark morning I hear steps around my tent. The White brotherhood start bring together for sunrise and big dance near Babreka lake. So I wake up early, drink coffee and check my camera. And with big crowd walk up.

When you are near to dancing ring, is impossible to understand scale of this. And for that I go up on hill to last two lakes to see circle from above…

A small plane appear to make maybe photos, but noise ruin charm and mood of White brotherhood performence. Little by little I rich Lake peak and view has amazing.

It’s a middle of day, so I need decide what to do. There has two options – go deep in mountain or stay close to cities around for easy return in civilization. And because I want to see Skakavitza waterfall again, I go in that direction. So pack tent and find a narrow secret path to Skakavitza hut. Becouse area around chalet and waterfall is high protected reserve, before make camp, I talk with chalet host – a youth girl, where to do that. Still on border of reserve, I little cover my tent to not be notice.

Nice short walk, a lot to see, great time and nature… and cold beer in chalet…

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