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Knowledge of signs for worsening of weather


Degradation of weather can be predicted with following signs:

– Drop in atmospheric pressure, increasing of appeared during the day cumulus clouds, rapidly increasing and thickening of appeared in evening clouds.
– The clouds are moving in the opposite direction of the wind near the surface.
– Little or no dew, the morning much colder from evening, low spread smoke.
– Appearance of bright circles around the sun and moon, glow and strong oscillation of stars, birds fly low, the bees stay in the hives.
– Distant sounds in quiet weather be heard well.

Approach of a storm can predict the following signs:
Unevenly change or slow decrease in atmospheric pressure, high temperature on air at low wind, morning dew kept indefinitely without dry. Appearance of cumulus clouds in the early morning hours that evolve and do not disappear till evening, assuming weird forms. Tightly covered with clouds sky in hot and muggy night.

Short duration storm can be expected when the clouds have the form of separate high and thin towers.

Continuous tempest may be start, when the clouds are with dark base and resemble a forest.

Prolonged bad weather can be expected in the presence of the following signs:
– Low atmospheric pressure, which continues to fall, the air temperature during the day is almost constant
– Thick and dense clouds without clear,
– Quiet long rain
– Snow fell continuously oblique
– Evening the wind increases.

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