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Impregnation of jackets

I spend a lot of time outside in the mountains and outdoors, often regardless of the weather. And to be wet is not pleasant. Summer is easy, raining an hour or two strong, but when stop your clothes dry quickly. Other seasons is not so… I needed impregnation of clothes.

I found and quite be interested by natural wax on Fjall Raven – Greenland Wax. Like it first because it was natural and secondly because is an old recipe – if not worked, would be changed? I wanted to try, but the purchase of a one block for 10 Euro + similar for shipping, came a little too much for me. So I search and saw that some people have tried to recreate recipe. I wondered how hard it could be mixed up something containing only paraffin and wax. So after a short research I got some candles, natural beeswax, a bottle of liquid paraffin and peppermint extract. I chose the proportion of 5:3:1 or

5 parts of paraffin (60%)
3 parts of liquid paraffin (30%)
1 part beeswax (10%)

and I mix them in a water bath. Once the mixture is melted, drop a few drops of mint extract and poured into plastic cups to cool. The final product looked quite pale in comparison with the original Fjall Raven, but I had to try on the fabric to see the result. I chose the old summer jacket, which recently except to stick on me when rain was no other job.

It is applied a thin layer, but equally which is hard around the seams and zippers. For the first time took roughly an hour to cover the whole jacket. Now I had to melt the wax to soak into fabric. As the jacket was from ripstop, I decided to first try with a hairdryer.

Where is thin, melt easily, but there was a thick applying, especially on seam or elastic band does not absorb… So I turned on the iron and first of the weakest, then a little high melted everything. The jacket became soft, shiny with a slight white tinge. Now was the turn of the test and I went into the bathroom.

I’m happy with the test, I may collect and carry water in jacket without spilling a drop, but I had to see it in real conditions.

This become a few days ago in Vitosha. Rained me for a hour … In general, under the jacket I left dry, but felt humidity on some key areas – underarms – where the zipper for ventilation and neck – where the double collar retracts hood.

Do not I know it because I have not hit ratio or because I didn equally inflicted, but from first attempt I’m slightly disappointed, perhaps I expected miracles. Soon I will try a different formula and ratio of ingredients.

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