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First Aid With Traditional Medicine

Using herbs and granny tricks can help when turn out that a medicine is missing in the first aid kit. And medicine chest for traditional medicine is all nature. So it is helpful to know some of these tricks…

In heartbeat: On the heart area put towels soaked in cold water and change in about 10-15 minutes helps and if you sink your feet in hot water.

For fainting: Spray with cold water. If this does not help put a piece of warm bread to the nostrils. Also helps embrocation with vinegar, as in his mouth pipetting ten drops of it.

Combustion: You make ointment – 1 part almond oil plus 8 parts lime-water. Spread the burn and cover with cotton. Hot water also helps. A third option is alcohol camphor, after treatment dusted with baking soda.

Hangover: Put lemon juice in densely coffee and drink the mixture.

Poisoning: Causes vomiting, and then drink milk. If there is no milk to drink use water with dissolved charcoal.

Mushroom poisoning: Strong tea mixed with wine.

When frozen limbs: frozen cover with cucumbers peels. Changed frequently because dry. Frozen spot may be greased with goose fat or wine. Good ointment is 300 g fat mixed with 40 g camphor and dab affected area 2 times a day. The simplest cure for frostbite is water with lot of salt in which soaked one hour frostbite. Then do not wipe off but allow to dry.

For diarrhea: Take willow or lime tree and burned to make charcoal, which triturated. 1 tablespoon dissolved in milk and drink 3 times daily.

For snake bite: Squeeze leaves of ashltree and the juice are drink from the patient. The leaves are scalded with boiling water and apply on the bite site.

Bruising: Crushed 3-4 heads red onion add 1 tablespoon sea salt and mix well. With this mash made compress on towel. Changed on morning and evening. In summer you can compress boiled elder leaves, but only young.

In sprain: The patient is put in bed, and on sprain put cold compresses. rub the area with petroleum jelly.

Toothache: Bark of quince or dogwood is boiled in equal parts white wine/vinegar and water. Add lemon juice and with this mixture gargle.

Sting: 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sal ammoniac and spoon citric acid mixed with 300 ml. vinegar. Moisten cotton and apply on sting.

For gastric acid (heartburn): 1 teaspoon baking soda dissolved in 100 ml. water and drink after eat.

In a hoarse voice: In 300 ml. wine dissolve 2 tablespoons honey. Drink hot like tea.

For sore throats: Take roots, stem, leaf and flower of the herb Malva silvestris. Boiled in milk and after little boiling filtrate. Milk used for gargling, and with plant make compress on the throat.

For cough: Make a tea from some of this plants:
Rosa canina – blossom or fruit
Common locust – blossom
Sambucus nigra – blossom
Nettle – blossom and/or root for spitting
Lime-tree – blossom for cold
Garden, field or wild hollyhock – leaves and blossom for persistent cough
Camomile – blossom
Oregano – leaves and blossom
Coltsfoot – roots and leaves in consumptive cough
Burdock-root – for TB coughs
Pumpkin – blossom
Rush – blossom

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