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Three favorite solo traveling food recipes

When you lose so many calories you need a rich and caloric food. Unfortunately cooking outdoors does not always allow this. Here are some of my favorite recipes. With photos from VeloRhodope 2014 trip

Pasta with processed cheese

My favorite and easiest to prepare dish. You need only pasta or spaghetti, 2 pieces processed cheese on your flavor (per portion), spices. Boil pasta and empty rest of water. In hot pasta stir up processed cheese and spices. That is. Very important is to wash dishes/plates almost after diner.

Spaghetti with tomato and pate

Boil spaghetti. For one portion sauce you need quarter tomato, 2 spoons pate and salt. In frying pan put peeled and cut into small pieces quarter tomato. To have more juice put few drops water. Put some salt. When tomatoes become ready add pate and mix to make uniform consistency.

Rice with muesli

For one portion you need 90 g. rice and 1-2 spoons muesli. Just boil rice and be sure that have little water on bottom of  pot. Put muesli and some spices on your taste. Mix and left for 5 min. covered to muesli swell and become soft. Dish is very nourishes and satiate.


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