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Light and Cult (Exp.1) Pancakes allways make good first impression

 A few days ago Margo – friend of mine from Outward Bound Bulgaria, call me and ask for some help with mounting climbing ropes on some rock in East Rhodope. I agree without any details for what to expect. Soon with coming departure date, I learn that will participate in documentary movie and will help crew to filming by nearly Thracian niches…

This niches are something very interesting and strange. They all are in Arda river basin in Eastern Rhodope, all have a specific shape and size and most of them are on place that even now is hard to only reach, not to mention to work and carve… “OK” I thinking, “will be little challenging with all this expensive cameras and thing…”. In one of these niches a movie crew find something. They make photos with drone, but it’s not clear what it’s it. So plan is to go there with ropes.
On all photos of rock that I receive to plan rope installing, she look very flat on top, so should be walk on it, two fast drills and that its. In Friday I pack my backpack most with climbing hardware, wake up in 5:00 in Saturday and near 7:00 we already travel to Rhodope. After almost 4 hours we reach camp.

I’m sedate person, not hurry or rush, but after one hour slowness even I start step anxiously and smoke cigarette after cigarette. I understand that they plan their time, conditioned by necessary and right sun light, and little by little my require time get smaller and smaller. And when in 11:30 in camp sounded calling “PANCAKES” I gave up, and said to myself – “Just calm. Let’s going, what is written”… That has my first touch to how are create movies, so they better know, lets just follow process.
Finally we divide to two teams, one to shooting equipping on rock and what have in it, and one filming on the other side of the river valley. I think has 14:00 when finally we reach a rock doing shooting retakes on the road. And in this moment when I saw rock, I realize that all plans that I make with photos, gone…



First I drop down security rope for cameraman, that filming at side, then a main rope. On top rock rumble and has hard to find right spot for holdfast. Selected one for first anker at end was quite inappropriate. To install anker bolts with battery perforator has easy. Not more that 30 min. and system is ready to Krassy – main camera man and engine for project, to go down and see what have in niche with thing inside. He descend, collect samples, make photos and GoPro video and lend down to cameraman.

Day 1 finish with camp fire and wine.
Day 2 starts with pancakes…
This day two teams filming on different locations. Krassy, Alex (second main cameraman and climber), Margo and me go to remote rock near to Womb cave. To reach we climb without path more that half hour. Here we have a easy access to top and foot of rock, so me and Alex make a rope attachment, Krassy climb up to niches on this rock and Margo makes photos from slantwise.



When Krassy finish exploring niches, Margo ask me to try single rope ascending. After quick instruction go up. As tyro ascending looks like ballet with arm and legs in any directions, but has so beautiful and harmonious…
On Monday me and Margo go back to Sofia in morning, but traveling first through Plovdiv, then Kalofer and after all day on road finally arrive.
That has so interesting weekend for me, so with eagerness wait for next call from Margo and new friends from Light and Cult that I have now. And I did not wait long…

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