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35 Frequently Asked Questions about Sofia and Bulgaria that people ask at some point

Here is my first attempt to write a guidebook. And that are some of questions which answers will find in that book.

When is the best season to come to Bulgaria?
When traveling in Bulgaria, which is better: bus or train?
Where to try traditional food in Sofia?
Where to go after Sofia in Bulgaria?
What must necessarily need to see in Sofia?
What recommended to try Bulgarian wine or rakia?
What more people here speak – Russian or English?
How to read Cyrillic?
How you live in communist time?
How to use Public transport and tickets?
Why you shake your head on opposite way to say Yes and No?
Is there any danger from which to beware
Is there a Bulgarian movies that are known or interesting
Have you been Soviet republic?
Is there a festivals in Sofia?
+20 more

All this questions that I receive in my work like volunteer guide in Sofia Green Tour. And try to explain thoroughly a little details and characteristic of Bulgarian people and culture.

Guidebook is free/0.99 and may download from here:

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