Light and Cult

Light and Cult (Exp.4) 3D Scaning and first discoveries

Finally, first travel for this year for Light and Cult Project come. Early morning with Alex and his daughter we left Sofia and go east. Arriving first start choosing a place for camp. Soon we hear noise from next car, but car continued and Alex call to guys with question – “Are you just pass a dirt road fork?” Soon all make a camp with great view.

Next day we start to carry climbing equipment and other stuff to base of the Shan kay cliff and make some general shots and equipped to reach close to niches and interesting artifacts to them.

On 2 April has day of truth – we start 3D scanning of niches on Shan kay. Scanner is heavy, but delicate device which made movement on the steep slope extremely hard.

On last day we climb again to make some photos and video on stone hanger that we find on rock. As some archaeologists, we maybe change theory about stone niches.

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