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The abandoned way through Arabakonak – PreBalkan cycling

On morning I say goodbye and thank you again with Grandpa Yoan and left Pravets monastery and go to town. Pravets is famous as birth place of Todor Zivkov – last and longest communist leader of Bulgaria. Even here have a monument of him. Passing near I think, that people here make this monument because Zivkov make Pravets town, but if he will be make people here townspeople, monument will be in other towns around. Still, town is pretty, even I ride on new bike line. Line finish like most in Bulgaria in nothing.

Between Pravets and Botevgrad is a little more traffic on road, because highway nearly. I stop in Botevgrad for coffee and sweets, but gloomy and unkind people here disappoint me. From here I have two options – to go through Ignatitsa to Iskar gorge or to cross mountain through Arabakonak pass. The last year I pass Vitinia which is in repair, so I go to check Arabakonak now. Road is in horrible condition, but not so bad for cycling – for 3 hours I meet 4 cars.
On top I made selfie on monument and fast in early afternoon go to near train station in Dolno Kamartsi

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