Cycling to Uzana

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This year my participation in the Uzana Eco Fest has little difference. I need to make a presentation about cycling touring and for that reason I go with my bike there.
I take a train to Gorna Oryahovitsa at afternoon and a little after 5:00PM arrive. In town I see signboard, to Arbanassi – 3km, and say “O, wow. It’s so close, let go”. I never forget this 3 km. – steep and rush road. A years ago Arbanassi had a nice historic village, attract for tourist. Now I see only hotels and fake traditional architecture. Downhill from Arbanassi to Veliko Tarnovo is short and nice.
I spend short time in Tarnovo and trying to follow signs to Kalifarevo and bumped to a highway with terrible traffic. Still a little after 6:00 PM, arrive in Kalifarevo and go in local grocery for some food. My plan has to spend the night near to Ganchovets village and after one beer go up to Yalovo village. When arriving, I fell in love in this village. Nice, old walls and barns, and lot of pear trees. I make a little break on center, and has little disappoint that there is no water in the fountain. Accidentally I stood in front of her and suddenly the water flow. It was with the sensor.

Little after Yalovo village I found perfect meadow to spend a night.

On morning I made smooth downhill to Gantchovets and Drianovo town. I choose a road restaurant on diversion for Dryanovo monastery to drink coffee. I know this place from many times when we come into the monastery area with caving club, but he has lost old luster… I continued and near noon, arrive in Gabrovo and spend hottest part of the day in my friend’s house.
From Gabrovo to Uzana has 21 km steep ascents. And been a little nervous about that. My presentation has this evening at 8PM, so go up. And after 2 hours in 5PM, I passed only 12 kilometers to the Salerno darvo village. More and more cars go up on road to the festival area, so, ambitious, continue upward and after another one hour and half arrive in Uzana area. One hour before a presentation I enrolled.
I’m not sure because topic or late hour there has only few people on my presentation, but in the talk after with my friends I receive a lot positive feedback. Work is done, now become time to enjoy festival time.
8-9 hours ride, 86 km and more that 2000 m climb…

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