Light and Cult

Light and Cult (Exp.5 part 1) Cool river, not cool rock

On last meeting with Krasy and Alex about new Light and Cult filming, we spots few things to do. First, we have permission to take down stone from which my participation start, second Krasy wants to make experiment with rods and ropes to see how is easy to rich niches. Alex wants to check some hoops like this one on Shan kay but on other rock near Moriantsi village.
That makes so many tasks for few days.And when time come, we with Alex were on the front line and in Thursday take Mira and go. Because most people will come in Friday evening we go to Moriansi to check hoops. Arriving at midday, most enthusiasm has evaporated by the heat and we prefer to go in river, not to climb. I look rock carefully and see that is impossible to go up directly. Rock is close to road and when they make road blew up parts of cliff, which makes rock very unstable and friable. Near 5PM decide that is cool enough and try to rich a small cave, for which Alex have the assumption that the gallery goes a few meters from the hoops of cliff. I use 2-3 cotters to climb to cave… which in fact is be just a large niche. With smooth and rounded walls, without place to make point to descent with rope. Nice. I have 5-6 meters to climb back, with around 15 meters to bottom of rock.

First attempt fail, so we try to rappel down from top of rock. We have 30 m. static and 60 m. dynamic rope (all other we left in car). I even think to use only 30 m. rope, but on top he have surprise after edge under 5-6 meters have landing about 3 m. wide. And when put over rope on the second edge his end even not reach half of precipice. Hm, that is not so bad. And before second edge I use static rope to make new point for dynamic rope to reduce elongation. Put one protector and rappel down. Unfortunately, again hoops are to far, under tilt, 2 m. from me and I have only meter free rope to swung. Because equipping I not filming with GoPro on helmet, so return back on top and rappel again. Alex has right – hoops are same like on Shan kay.

Until wait Alex to untie on top, I check small dirt road and find shelter with table and benches and a well near. I find spot for the night with perfect trees for my hammock…

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