Light and Cult

Light and Cult (Exp.5 part 2) Why spirits are angry?

Night in hammock has great, even with rain. On Friday we have all day until others come at evening. So we go to Sladkodum to Shan kay to search some part of camera lost last time. Without baggage to rock is nice walk. Sadly not find.

And go to Nenkovo. On way we visit Perperikon site and Kardzali city and near evening reach the meeting place. Because yesterday we have a few rope/knots/rappelling issue we find a small rock and short lesson about rappelling, devises and safety. Near midnight people start arriving.

On next day the put all ropes and carabiners in backpacks and 8 people go up to rock with white stone in niche near Nenkovo. Plan has to remove white stone, so I have 2 hammers, hacksaw, saw and gimlets. On two bolts I make combination for two ropes, but we use only one to cut stone in rotation.

We succeed to exude from the wall of niche, but can’t remove. The piece proved to be too heavy. And behind stone we find interesting bones and skulls… Not humans, but still. In one moment Krasy drops another part of camera equipment. Alex using drone to make clips from air, lost few times control… Spirits around this rocks has angry, so I find in my backpack prayer flags, which a friend brought back from Nepal and waved. It’s enough! Will see.

On next day only me, Alex, Krasy and Margo go up to remove stone. Again two ropes for as + one cargo and work and filming start again.

Even for two people has difficult to put stone in backpack.

What we find you will see in movie 🙂 I will not spoil, so check project progress.
At Sunday afternoon all people, except me and Alex go back to Sofia. We two go back to Kardzali and Studen kladenec dam for night to be close to other rocks in Monday. We finish in this area… for now…
Thanks Margo for photos

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