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Tim Moss grant for adventure

A 3 weeks ago, in Twitter I find Tim Moss idea to donate his £200 from advertising in site and with other £200 collect in founding site to make grant for adventures and adventurers. As “small” adventurer I like this grant for my idea for bicycle pilgrimage and apply. And I fully realize that a lot people in west Europe make cycling touring like this every summer. But in this corner of Europe all people that make more that 1000 km on bike or some other challenge are few and I know more of them or we have mutual friends… And always is hard to find or collect money for something different, especially if is not really big and advertise. For that reason I not only apply for grant, but also give £2 in public donations for idea. Always is good to support dreams to become real. With anything you can.
This days Tim anons that 5 other adventures are involve in his grant and trebled it. People like Tom Allen, Mark Beaumont, Alastair Humphreys. People that are more that adventurers, people that inspire. Now grant is £1300. Much bigger that my idea. I can’t win, and I don’t have a chance to win. I do not want to win. Somewhere there is a dream bigger than mine and deserve more this money.

So, be brave, share your dreams, apply now until 26 August. Endless road starts from your door. Go forward.

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