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Tim Moss Expedition Grant Winners

On 16.10.2015 Tim Moss announce winners of his grant, which from £400 increase to £1600. Tim received hundreds of applications, but select 32 to to continue to the finish line. And now we have a one big winner – Elise Downing, who wants to run the Coast of Great Britain and raising money for mental health. 10 months running 5000 miles (8050 km) around the UK coastline is a great adventure. Check Elise website about run and see how you can support it.
Other 7 persons also will receive some small grants, here they are:
1. Crossing Stradbroke Island – £70 (full amount)
14 year olds George and Jaxson are planning a world first crossing of a desert island with George’s dad as kayak support… for £70. Superb!
2. Great Wall Winter Walk – £125 (full amount)
Richard Fairbrother will spend 5 days solo hiking a remote and never-before walked stretch of unrestored Great Wall, in winter, with food and water caches.
3. Five Ascents of Alp d’Huez on a Fixed Gear Bike – £100
Michael Bartley’s knees will be cycling to the height of Everest by tackling the Tour De France alpine climb of Alp d’Huez… five times… on a bike with no gears.
4. Pakrafting the Caledonian Canal – £100
Ben Smith and Judith Pope will be crossing Scotland in inflatable boats in a week off work.
5. A Month on an Uninhabited Island – £100 + kit from Lyon Equipment
Katie Tunn will attempt to spend 30 days alone on a remote, uninhabited Hebridean island with no electricity or human contact.
6. 48 Hour Cycle to/from Anne Frank Museum – £100
Teacher Robinson Ellin is cycling to Holland and back in a single weekend to make his son proud and open his students’ eyes.
7. Walking all the National Trails – £200
Teenager Abbie Barns will be trying to finish walking all 15 National Trails before she starts university next year.

Congratulations to all winners. And to all who continue to travel and adventure.

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