Climbing site Fortress, Bozhenitsa

We wanted to climb. But where to go with children, and they to have fun run and play, and we to climb. Good alternative was Bozhenitsa, but Dolnata zemia (The underside land) still wet and cold in the shade, was not suitable either for us or for children. But look above at the fortress was different. Interestingly ruins, sunny with its southern exposure, forest pleasant to walk. Plus for the children was the presence of one route 4/5-, that we had to limit ourselves because except another one 6-, everything else is high for us category.

The trail from the road and municipal recreation facilities is steep, but less than 20 minutes upstairs. Children immediately dispersing around the castle walls and rocks around. When you go through the ruins, almost immediately after the rock on the left started two paths that descend at the base of the fortress wall to tours. Despite the good weather on climbing area was nobody. We did a installation on the easiest route and children began to climb up and down. When all contented climbing desires, I tried a bit more complicated route. Unfortunately, I gave up of one hand distance from the end of the route (see photo in the title

DSC02982.JPG DSC02969.JPG DSC02959.JPG

We went back to the recreation area, where two years ago I was slept, and now left cars and started looking around for a suitable place for a zip-line for children. As absurd as it sounds, this is a difficult task in the woods. For hundreds of trees have to find the right two… And I think found them. This time tension three men and rope was much better than in Reselets and even casual tourists brought their child to slide. Nice day with good emotions…

DSC03001.JPG DSC02999.JPG DSC02996.JPG

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