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Famous unknown Reselets

Only a few kilometers from Karlukovo Reselets unfortunately remains in his shadow. When we started to organize a trip to a beautiful place with an emphasis on majestic rock formations even we originally chose Karlukovo Prohodna Cave as a goal. But children with us were unlikely to be impress from the cave and Eyes of God. So Alex, who was shot last year clip or advertising of natural phenomenon Kaleto offered to go to Reselets. A walk up there for a day there is one disadvantage. The trip by car takes a little more than two hours. That’s why the time to look at everything around may is not enough.

The first thing that strikes when you arrive near the Kaleto and the former hut Green patrols is lovely lawn with benches, arbors, fountain and parking. Lovely place for a picnic and games for the whole family.

Almost as soon as we arrived, we started to go around and as there was a lot of water in the river and the road to the former hut was flooded returned 200-300 m. on the road and we went on a wooden bridge and started up the stairs to the panoramic cliff. The view of there at Tectonic ridge, sheer cliffs and village in the distance is mandatory. Males in the company skipped the railing and climbed a large rock on the edge of collapse for photos.


DSC02868.JPG DSC02869.JPG DSC02867.JPG

After the rock, we descended again to the river and on trail against the lawn where left the cars departed by the rocks Kaleto. Sometime before hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, the canyon here resembled Karlukovo Prohodna cave. Or rather Prohodna Cave is a scale model of the huge cave existed here. Over time, the ceiling has collapsed, leaving rocks and blocks at the bottom of the deepest canyon.

DSC02877.JPG DSC02874.JPG DSC02871.JPG

When we reached the middle, most went back to their cars, and we with Megan decided to make a whole circle in the locality. When I saw the steep path to the right going up to the edge of the canyon, has curious to where goes and what can be seen from there, but others waited, and I was promised zip-line to children :).

After a canyon is a dirt road descending to the river, but unfortunately we did not see how it can be crossed, so we went back and an information board departed sideways on the hill and came out of the wooden bridge and below us on the river you see the old mills the village.

Children ran on the lawn, kicking a ball, play games. Various people eating lunch or drinking beer at the tables, elderly people walking along the river. Definitely, when come here traveling will prefer this place for camp and tent. We liked two trees to make zip-line, but two persons are insufficient to tensioned 40 meter rope and children began to “land” on 1/3 of the length … At dusk, one-by-one cars departed to Sofia.
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