Little, but beautiful Lastovica cave

Month ago Alex with friends decide to go with kids on Lakatnik area. Trip there include and going in to first floor of Temnata dupka cave. So I come with them. Our group from 6 adults and 4 kids go to Jekovo ezero lake and Waterfall in cave and in afternoon we make a snowballs fight on Alpiiska poliana glade.

Now on 3th of March we decide to go again on cave with kids, but liiitle put level up, and I suggest two interesting, beautiful, but not difficult caves in Glozene village area. This time our group include 3 adults and 2 kids, but that has perfect. Little, but beautiful cave Lastovicata is hard to find even with GPS, and that keep area safe. Last time when I come here, it’s with caving course and we walk a lot without find it.

Cave is moist and wet, completely different from Lakatnik’s Temnata dupka which is dry, dusty and without formations. Now kids see almost every type of formation, splash in mud and see a not so-big colony of bats wake up from winter sleep.

No matter that I show how, no one of kids take the plunge to go into “narrow” passage where we come. We spend almost two hours into cave and go outside enough muddy and enthusiastic.

For end of the day we go with car to Glozene monastery, to enjoy the view from cliff on witch monastery is perched. If we not so tired, definitely will go to “near” cave Morovitza.

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