Backpack for climbing Cliff 20

As part of the initiative of the Decathlon Group #decathlontester I chose to test several products in various activities. Last year climbed fairly and lugging equipment around, so I chose one of the things associated with this.

Cliff 20 backpack is created by Simond for transfer of climbing equipment to the site of climbing or while climbing several ropes or in short transport bag for climbers. Combines several important elements for this – very light – about 280 grams; sufficient capacity – 20 l; inventory rings on the shoulder straps and backpack itself for attaching additional carabiners, slings or tools; compartment for hydro system on the back; insanely easy opening and closing… And besides, very easier it becomes addition of a large backpack on longer trip – can easily be fastened under the flap or empty to be tucked between clothing and equipment. But one-on-one.
The backpack is small, yes. And as volume and as weight. But collects everything as inventory, both inside and attached out. That is why there is no cover, but band to hang the rope from above. Espadrilles come in, seat, several slings, climbing or rappel hardware and 10-15 express slings. Even filled to the brim, easily fasten 60-80 meters rope and the belt is adjustable so that the rope sits firmly and securely without shaking.
Side “small” pocket easily accommodates small first aid kit (optimal), knife, phone, keys and wallet. Inventory rings do wonders both in lead the route and in disequipment as a second climber. Two comfortable straps and a full line of the backpack itself, and on top has a ring for attaching on bolts for support. So you reaching into your backpack while you’re in the middle or at the top of the rock even more so opening and closing it in with one motion. This attachment proved especially handy when we pitched trolley for the kids came with us to climb. Instead on me and the surrounding branches, everything I needed as inventory, fruit and water bottle was in the backpack clipped next to me…
On the back of the backpack is stable fastened additionally with rib belt straps and waist belt. No matter how thin is waist belt is cleverly contrived. With one movement can be removed or clipped again – just spend the swelling tape in the buckle…
Only encountered a problem with the Camel Back system. That was the first thing I tried to put as I took the backpack, but method of attachment for stability is different from my system, and remains hole for hose requires effort or disassembly of the mouthpiece to pass.

Backpack because of little extras that have is suitable for other types of tourism and sports. It includes folded sticks (there is no cover), outside on inventory rings may hang tools or ice axes, in place of the rope can easily be hooked a jacket. But as well as trying to tame backpack for hike, it will always remind you that specializes-assault backpack about equipment for climbing and extreme sports – no cover and raincover in rain, no pocket for a bottle of water, no soft foam straps . But there is one distinct advantage – it is practical…

Author: Ogi Stoyanov

There are many reasons to travel. My trips are based on my experience as outdoor lover, Outward Bound instructor and volunteer in social projects and attempt to share it

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