Shoes for hiking Quechua Arpenaz 100

Three things I love in these shoes – they are light, soft and very warm …
And when I say light, a pair is a little over 800 grams. even though are averagely high boots. I think are Class A-B hiking boots, making them perfect for beginners tourists as well the collar covers the ankle, but are not too hard to convene legs with this type of shoe. On top have a fabric and material Quechua NOVADRY and even on the coldest days a leg is warm and comfortable. During the summer it will be slightly warm, but the shoe is breathable and should not be a problem.
According to the manufacturer is a shoe for half-day and small hikes and is really comfortable up to 20 km., but if you walk over 6-8 hours with them will be frowned. But do not be angry, they just are not made for that. Grapples is pretty soft, which also holds back for long hikes, but make walking quite comfortably, whatever the terrain. I walked on rocks (even climbed alpine tour with them), climbed up the trees (pulling trolley for children), splash mud and even cycled three days bike with them, tread lightly flatten clinging to every surface and on bike as though I was with SPD – deep grapple asleep in the pins on the edge of the pedal. Uncomfortable, or at least slightly embarrassed you feel walking in wide, high glossy corridors and it’s because of the sound.

Some will say that I am an idiot to ride a Cycling touring with high hiking boots, but first at first it was expected three days of rain and the second and third – the shoe is lightweight and does not feel like a tourist boot, and kept successfully by external influences, as in same time ventilated feet.

Despite that, they given the relatively “low” threshold for water saturation of the material – 2 hours wading in water or rain before the gets wet, shoe hold and really you need to try them to soak. Even then the legs feels not like wet, but begins to sense lower outdoor temperatures. Because it may not be appropriate for wading in snow or winter must try kept dry to warm the feet. But the expense of the big summer rains are not a problem, more so dry out fairly quickly.
The biggest problem you’ll have with these shoes is if you tie a nice shoe-laces. Or anyway. As well to tighten the knot because the material from which made the shoe-laces chance your shoes to be untie is more than 50%. So tie a double.

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