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The famous Lakatnik zipline

Again trip to Lakatnik. This time to attend a special zipline stretching on Alpine meadow by people from Mountain rescue on occasion of the feast of the Gara Lakatnik. Starting at the rocks above the little house and goes down to the shelter. Strung with wire rope is about 60-70 meters and quite steep. If is not the man with brake rope on top, speed would be insane :). But the children came from the nearby towns of Vratsa, Mezdra, Svoge and even Sofia to descend were not disappointed. Even slower still starting from 40 m. height.
Except that we descended on the zipline, we walked to Razhishka cave and a monument, like that, for a view.
So if you do not have plans for next year May 14, turn this zipline in your list. Even more is free.



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