Caves Academic and Pepelianka (Viper)

Although known around the longest cave in Bulgaria – Duhlata, the area of Bosnek is attractive for cavers with many interesting caves. More long as Vreloto and PPD (a proven system, but not connected), are quite difficult both technically and equipment. The most common reasons for rescue in Duhlata are due to getting lost or flood waters, although now the cave has controlled access. Even short Chucholyan and Dzheranitsa preferably visited after “consultation” in the cave club with people been already there. Therefore, most often to Bosnek is to go with your club. Caves Academic and Pepelianka are in Golyama Mogila hill, where and Duhlata cave is. Both are less more that 300 meters long, and although they have a stabbing (as each cave here), at least are not labyrinth and easy to penetration.
Academic is easy to find after the last houses on the left of the road (on the right houses continue), slightly above the ditch. The entrance is descending “narrow” passage quick to entry, slower on exit. then it falls in the main gallery and taken to the left down to the pool and leads to the “famous” keyhole – a dog ass.

Following squeezes, crawling and along the river leads to blockage at the beginning of the great hall. Around the blockage and at the beginning of the hall are the most beautiful parts of the cave and most likely and possible link with nearly cave Duhlata.

Hall certainly impresses with its size. At the left end continues to river siphon and on the right a small clay figurines and captions gallery.

Pepelianka (Viper) is located just after the road turn after the village, in direction Duhlata and Chuipetlovo. “Trail” up goes just before the end the cliff on roadside. The entrance is stabbing at the top of chamber high around 1.5-2 meters. Entering is easy work (naturally forward with legs), but going out … turns with little wriggle … Cave as it accessible is highly vandalizing. In the early parts of vast amounts formations are broken. Slightly deeper to the left / main gallery there down the classic 2-3 meters and small chamber with dendrites, aragonite and stalactites.

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