Light and Cult

Ladders, rock mushrooms and beautiful views. Light and Cult Exp. 9

Morning showed us how charming and beautiful is where you overnight. From the hill where is fortress Asar kaya over Jenda was opened indescribable view to the Nebeska hamlet and Komuniga in the distance to the north and Bezvodno and Borovitza river valley in the south…

We woke up at 5:00 to go to the rocks between the fortress and Borovitsa River, where there are relatively low niches in which to put GoPro. We wanted to shoot the sunrise from the perspective of niches. We brought our folding ladder and quickly chose a suitable niche. Unfortunately it was full of stones (like niches to Dazhdovnitsa) and had to clean up. It took time and the sun rose. We missed the moment.

We were going to put it in the evening to shoot the stars, but until then … We headed to Sarnitsa next to Angel Voyvoda and Mineralni bani to look at Eagle Rocks. From Sarnitsa to the rocks leads a well-maintained dirt road accessible by car. With cars have moved up to 100 meters from the rocks. The place is marked with many boards and around the rocks are built shelter, fountain and space for children to play. On the rocks before the shelter there had been a fortress, and the niches are on rocks south-east. Well hidden in the overgrown vegetation rocks with niches are few.

First we discovered reaching rocks with niches was a wooden ladder from rigid rods and high over 4-5 meters. The tree was slightly rotten and did not make a serious attempt to climb up, but looking around, I found a way and climbed the cliff top with Alex. Bingo. Meters from where we stood had several unfinished niches. A very good example of the different stages of their elaboration.

A of the cliff towered into the fortress has pull down strap can be climb to above, as well as anchors for climbing routes. But do not recommend to climb the tape. It is high and the security it – questionable.
Already in the early afternoon we went back to Zhenda. We stopped to Nebeska hamlet and walked the cliffs there. The place is magical and one of the rocks with a unique and easily recognizable shape.

Once we returned to the camp, Alex and Victor went to the cleaned niche to put the camera for a night, and I walked to the fortress and rock mushroom. Fortress was lying of a flat peak which of two sides are with steep cliffs. On a side with the ridge there are remnants stone compose walls and on the periphery of the top – cut spherical and round holes in the ground. When I got under the sheer cliffs saw the niches and mushroom was 150-200 meters from the top.

I went to camp earlier than others and with Denitsa fueled grill and when we gathered began to roll some meatballs. For tonight I have bent in hammock between two trees and fell asleep with a magnificent view of the lights of Komuniga and Haskovo.

The next day the people and cars began to be exported to Sofia in the morning. We stayed with Alex to take the camera from niche in early afternoon, after the sun out of it. Until that happens, we decided to wash the ropes in Borovitsa and in this heat to ploping into river. Cool water refreshed us, but our shoulders burned for a about hour sunbathing. At dusk we came back for the camera (frames included in the new trailer) and I liked a rock for a photo.

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