.: Rhodope :.

And this year I have been on Chatama few times, in area of Golyam Beglik dam, mostly for kids camps. And in

Time ago traveling to Rhodope Mountains, where other from the team of Light and cult already been, I received a message from

Morning showed us how charming and beautiful is where you overnight. From the hill where is fortress Asar kaya over Jenda was

There is a reason so often to go to Nochevo. Most people know Parmakkaya, other sharapana (winemaking stones) and niches above it,

The time has come to “listening” and rocks of Dazhdovnitsa. But since I had courses for Dreams and Teams, Alex, Krassy and

I have plans for this weekend to go to Lakatnik, but early morning Krassy call me with question – Do you want

That with “the Mother” nagged not only me, but and the rest of the project crew. And there is no a month

If some can describe these five days researching and filming with five words would be – four days of rain, one sunny.

After we split with rest of Light and Cult crew, with Alex make camp near Lisicite village on Kardzali dam. We want

Night in hammock has great, even with rain. On Friday we have all day until others come at evening. So we go