VeloRhodope – My routes in the Rhodope mountains by bike

The Rhodope Mountains are one of the most beautiful places to ride a bike. Almost every year since 2013th I go out for a few days riding a through the mountains. VeloRodopi 2013 became spontaneously following a call for kayaks in the dam. Ivaylovgrad, to where I went by bicycle for three days starting from […]

Light and Cult – project of Krassimir Andonov

Movie project of Krassimir Andonov for rock niches in the Eastern Rhodopes started with this picture and the question – How much we do not know niches ?! It turns out we do not know anything. How they were carved and why! Are they places for funeral urns? Or whether they were filled with gifts […]


Monasteries of Nishava river

A few kilometers from the Serbian border for decades, time has stopped. No people, no movement, and it has preserved many valuable monuments. And mostly left them away from the major tourist flows. So in 2012 I decided to make walking along the river Nishava and visit most of them. For two days passed over […]

Pre-Balkan – bike route between the Balkan and the Danube Plain

After ride few days around the karst and cave areas, I loved the possibilities of the region for cycling tourism. Thus was born the idea of Forebalkan bike route Site Velotuting-BG. And little by little find occasions to ride the bike in that direction. The main travel given the name of the project was between […]