Light and Cult

Light and Cult – project of Krassimir Andonov

Movie project of Krassimir Andonov for rock niches in the Eastern Rhodopes started with this picture

and the question – How much we do not know niches ?!
It turns out we do not know anything. How they were carved and why! Are they places for funeral urns? Or whether they were filled with gifts for the gods or with honey? Whether they had loopholes… While filming the film, it turned out that these are just a few of the questions that must be answered. And in search of those answers are interviewed historians, rising drone over rocks or descend on them, even made a 3D model of one. We visited about 50 of the 90 rocks with niches in the Rhodopes. Even I made map, I hope soon to have her progress and become a good basis for a thorough examination of these artifacts. Enjoy the trailer and some of the photos and read more in my diary day by day