City of Sofia besides important transport and administrative center is rich in culture and sightseeing city. In the capital are accumulate numerous museums (18 on map), galleries (6) and theaters (16), as well as a lot of antiques (25 interesting ruins in city), the most represented are old churches and monasteries. In the city and around it there are over 110 temples (more about them on the page Monasteries around ), most of them from 20th century but especially in the monasteries there are buildings from 12 to 18 century. The ruins are mostly from the Roman period, but should not be ignored and architecture of the Old Sofia - buildings from the 20s and 30s of the 20th century, which destroyed intensively recently, while the Roman city was "recovering" with concrete...
But most important is what you can do in the city. He offered enormous opportunities for fun and do not talk about pubs and bars, but activities both indoors and outdoors, landing emotionally and physically - hiking and biking trails, places for climbing and rope gardens, karting, paintball, rent a bike and even rooms with puzzles - 97 things to do. Choice is great, where to go and what to do, so it remains only to choose.

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