Sofia City Escape

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Start as student hiking in mountains around Sofia, I quickly realize how interesting are villages between Sofia and mountain. Most of them have a old churches, interesting houses, even a thracian tombs. Yes, in Sofia have a thracian mound. And how hard is to find way go inside Sofia without bus or train… So I start search roads that allows  you to hike or bike from suburbs to villages and mountains around. For that reason, now I’m maybe a knowledgeable person about Sofia suburban buses :))) and overgrown trails small mountains around Sofia. Because I live in the western part of the city, most outings are in this direction. Here are a few of the inspected roads and trails lately:

Using suburban bus is a convenient way to get to the village or neighborhood – a starting point for hiking. Accordingly, apart from the plus that you can go from one village to another without reckoned where you parked, there and minus that usually you travel longer. Unfortunately, transportation of bike in these buses is prohibited (!!!), which would normally limited to ride around home or use a train to closer town. A usually to pay more for bike (2 lv. ticket in train) than for yourself causes a smile. But if you go out of home, the hardest part for cycling is to go to other side of the Ring Road. Also most dirty roads are temporarily and depend by spring arable… In none end parts of Sofia does not separate, or at least safe place to get out of city for cyclists. Which unfortunately shows that Sofia municipality not only can not deal with pedestrian and bicycle lanes in the city center, but did not think further than Central railway station … And main priority it is to take cyclists to the center (ie to work), not out of town (ie for a rest)

For most citizens of Sofia, out of town for tourism means go to Vitosha. But will it travel an hour and a half to Aleko to get on Black Peak or do as much time to Gara Bov, Kalotina or Gabra and discover new sights and places for me is the same. Therefore, I want more people to see how easy (and in many cases quite cheap) may be hiking on any other than Vitosha mountains. And these has over 10, with its beautiful forests, clear streams and views to the Sofia valley and beyond. And while I was looking for how to describe these places differentiated 22 areas where you can make a trip with going to starting point (by car, urban or municipal transportation, train) from an hour to two hours and a half.


All these ideas, transport links and exit points collecting on Google maps map added here below. So, check out this map, choose a destination and see what time leaving the bus or train to Slivnitsa, Dragoman, Godech, Svoge, Elin Pelin, Samokov or Pernik…

Or find a route in my wikiloc page. Or find inspiration folling #ИзлезОтСофия (Go Outside Sofia #) in Instagram

Knowledge and my love for all these mountains around Sofia allow me to add all paths and places of interest in tourist maps of Lyulin and Lozen mountains (with the idea and prepare for Mala, Sofiiska, Viskyar, Tri ushi and Ponor mountains) but still suffer to find money to publish. But it they exist as a high resolution jpg and pdf files if anyone is interested and has an interest.

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