Sharaliiska cave

In a one-day walk with Krasi Andonov to shoot the natural luminescence of the formations there. And the cave is best known for one particular formation – the cave pearls.


Beautiful caves in Bulgaria

Because of the increased inquiries inSofia Green Tour and along our new project with luminescence with Alex and Krassy by Light and cult, I decided to describe some beautiful caves that are easy enough that almost anyone can visit them. These are not cultivated and illuminated caves but ordinary ones where entry is an extreme […]

Ladders, rock mushrooms and beautiful views. Light and Cult Exp. 9

Morning showed us how charming and beautiful is where you overnight. From the hill where is fortress Asar kaya over Jenda was opened indescribable view to the Nebeska hamlet and Komuniga in the distance to the north and Bezvodno and Borovitza river valley in the south… We woke up at 5:00 to go to the […]

Count them if you can … Light and Cult Exp. 9

There is a reason so often to go to Nochevo. Most people know Parmakkaya, other sharapana (winemaking stones) and niches above it, others know The Jackal. But after a few walks and one lost, with calculations that starting in the village river will go to next one – Angel Voyvoda, we decided it was time […]

Along Iskar River. In Iskar gorge

During a meeting of organizations related to biking tourism and project EuroVelo, I got the idea of cycling along the Iskar River from Sofia to the Danube. I created an event to Facebook, but unlike cycling through Etropole to Pazardzhik, now people were more reserved, and also weather was not on my side. So on […]

Mountain Rescue Service in Bulgaria now with App

Very useful small app has made for all tourists, skiers and hikers in Bulgaria. With this app you may connect with Mountain Rescue Service in Bulgaria sending SMS message with GPS coordinates and your condition. Or call directly. The mountains here are not very high, but in seasons late autumn, winter and early spring very […]

Ice and fire mood

What better when everything is cover with snow and ice to go to outdoor hot mineral water pool. This one in Separeva banya have 6 different temperature pools… Good choose for start a new year.  

Christmas gifts for childrens deprived of parental care

Christmas is time to remind family values and help others. Association “Dreams and Teams Bulgaria” invites you to join the campaign to collect funds to purchase Christmas gifts for 17 childrens from Home for children deprived of parental care in the town of Gabrovo aged 12 to 17 years. Children will receive personal gifts of their […]

Light and Cult (Exp.1) Pancakes allways make good first impression

 A few days ago Margo – friend of mine from Outward Bound Bulgaria, call me and ask for some help with mounting climbing ropes on some rock in East Rhodope. I agree without any details for what to expect. Soon with coming departure date, I learn that will participate in documentary movie and will help […]

Starosel and Koprivshtitca – VeloRhodope 2014 day 7

Problem, when choose campsite tired is that you pick first acceptable place. On morning I see that on a hundred meters from my camp is a first of temples in Starosel. With nice parking, chapel and place for tent. I really recommend. But first in the morning I go big tomb, left my bike next […]

Pirin – Spano pole, day 1

As observer I take part of exam on Mountain guide course 2014. On first day we start from Yane Sandanski hut, up to Begovitza and ridge, then back to Begovitza and on “main” road to Spano pole camp zone. I not only observe, but also causing some situations to see the reactions of future guides… […]

Karst-o-bikia Deep in karst

  On a day light campsite looks little bit different. So many prickle bushes and sheep’s dung around. But fountain and table next to tent is peerless. I figure that stream next to camp come from rock bridge caves, but first I go to see road that I come tonight. And immediately I see a guy sitting […]

To Demianitza hut

A shot walk with friends to Demianitza hut, where we spend a night. Is nothing to say about this hike, photos talk more, so enjoy

VeloRhodope 2013 day 6

As we talk with my friends, they take a rack for my bike, and this day we continue with car. Go fast to Tatul Thracian sanctuary. It’s very strange place with lot spiritual energy. After sanctuary, a lady that sell tickets, tell as about cave type “Womb”. That are cave with shape like female genitals, […]

Zemen gorge or Hike on railway

With original plan to go on Lakatnik rock I arrive on Central Train station, but a little late. So check to where is next train – to Kustendil. I get down of train on Polska Skakavitza and visit waterfall there. After that I cross Zemen gorge walking on railways to Zemen town. It’s 18 km. […]

Sightseeing Sofia, Bulgaria

A tour around the cultural and architectural landmarks of Sofia can start from anywhere even the “end” neighborhoods, but classic can only start in one place. True, administrative and geographical center of the city – Independence Square, or rather from the metro station Serdica and monument of the Saint Sophia. At the place of Lenin’s […]

Vitosha mountain middle part

 If chairlift Dragalevtsi working that is one of best way to explore middle part of Vitosha. Even that track is 15-18 km, I made it with my 10 years old niece. In summer that is the best way to Sofia from top. Kikish peak Boyana waterfall Start of route is center of Dragalevtsi and go […]

Monasteries of Nishava river

When I arrive in Godech, my first goal has monastery St. Nikolay. Now that is new church in outskirts of town. But still in yard may seen a ruins from ancient Roman temple from II-IV century. Monastery is less kilometer north from town center in corn field. There for regret not sing or direction boards, In Godech […]

Ice caving

All January “Grandpa” Tony scolding how now is time to work in narrowest passage in Goliama Balabanova cave, so on end Tony “The beard”, me, Gery and Mitko aka “Chohata” go to Komshtica village. At end on village we left car and start going up in deep snow. The hole entrance of cave has iced, […]

Kayaking on Beglika dam

A two days of kayaking in beautiful Rhodope mountain dam. Enjoy photos.