Vitosha. Part I – The Green Hat of Sofia.

Vitosha mountain is the greatest benefit that city of Sofia have. Four highest mountain in Bulgaria with area of almost 300 km2. A perfect direction to escape the city to enjoy nature and practice some outdoor activities. And because that, for me is mandatory spot for all visitors of the city. Unfortunately, only Boyana waterfall or Black […]

Colors, sounds and mummers or Surva in Pernik

Colors, sounds and mummers or Surva in Pernik

In the last weekend of January, Pernik hosts one of the most colorful and noisy carnivals in the country – that of the mummers from all over the country and abroad – Surva. Although it existed since 1966 festival was not held every year and this was the 26th edition. But now has emerged, it […]

Caves Academic and Pepelianka (Viper)

Although known around the longest cave in Bulgaria – Duhlata, the area of Bosnek is attractive for cavers with many interesting caves. More long as Vreloto and PPD (a proven system, but not connected), are quite difficult both technically and equipment. The most common reasons for rescue in Duhlata are due to getting lost or […]

The famous Lakatnik zipline

Again trip to Lakatnik. This time to attend a special zipline stretching on Alpine meadow by people from Mountain rescue on occasion of the feast of the Gara Lakatnik. Starting at the rocks above the little house and goes down to the shelter. Strung with wire rope is about 60-70 meters and quite steep. If […]

On the edge of icy waterfall and night in a snow cave

Krassy and Alex (from Light and Cult Project) call me with interesting offer for 24 hours. They have idea to go to the Skaklya waterfall to shot the sunrise and the desire to sleep in a snow cave on Mount Vitosha. I accept ideas like that without much thinking. Only inconvenience have about night, because […]

Boyana waterfall in TripAdvisor

Today, as man who added and menage Boyana Waterfall in TripAdviser site I got mail for new stickers. As attraction in Sofia waterfall going up and up, receive lot positive reviews, including Sofia Green Tour hike. And it’s deserved. I go there few day in week and never tire, even have some plans to make […]

Cycling to Belchin and Dupnitsa

Saturday has with a perfect weather forecast for going to bike somewhere. So I accept an invitation to go to Belchin village “new” restored fortress, and even invite Deny – new friend with a desire for biking, but without experience. So start earlier and start from the Business Park Metro station. Uphill is around 21 […]

Mountain biking on Vitosha

Even though we have the opportunity, we don’t promote and accordingly not receive many inquiries and requests for mountain biking tours on Vitosha mountain in the Sofia Green Tour. But sometimes it happens. This time it was an elderly couple from Germany and their son, married a Bulgarian. Our main concern was to transport bicycles […]

Sightseeing Sofia, Bulgaria

A tour around the cultural and architectural landmarks of Sofia can start from anywhere even the “end” neighborhoods, but classic can only start in one place. True, administrative and geographical center of the city – Independence Square, or rather from the metro station Serdica and monument of the Saint Sophia. At the place of Lenin’s […]