The rock paintings and graffiti near town of Roman, Vratza

When we started filming for National Geographic of rock graffiti in areas of Tsarevets (Mezdra) and Karlukovo, in two publications I read about another place with graffiti. But the information about the place was minimal, and the only person I knew for sure that he had see them refused details with the argument that they […]

Deutsche Schule spring 2017

This year we spent unforgettable moments with the children from Deutsche Schule Sofia. 10 classes went out in the period 24.04-08.05 2017. This time we went to Lakatnik where besides the games, we entered into a cave and climbed as real climbers:)

Along Iskar River. In Iskar gorge

During a meeting of organizations related to biking tourism and project EuroVelo, I got the idea of cycling along the Iskar River from Sofia to the Danube. I created an event to Facebook, but unlike cycling through Etropole to Pazardzhik, now people were more reserved, and also weather was not on my side. So on […]

Carnival in Gabrovo

I arrived in Gabrovo at work, but arrived at the right time. On May 17 proved celebration of the city, and this year the celebrations have been every day this week. So the first night I enjoyed a light carnival. Other days there were concerts, but unfortunately will not stay until the end of the […]

The famous Lakatnik zipline

Again trip to Lakatnik. This time to attend a special zipline stretching on Alpine meadow by people from Mountain rescue on occasion of the feast of the Gara Lakatnik. Starting at the rocks above the little house and goes down to the shelter. Strung with wire rope is about 60-70 meters and quite steep. If […]

Climbing site Fortress, Bozhenitsa

We wanted to climb. But where to go with children, and they to have fun run and play, and we to climb. Good alternative was Bozhenitsa, but Dolnata zemia (The underside land) still wet and cold in the shade, was not suitable either for us or for children. But look above at the fortress was […]

Elata cave

We decided – cave with abyss. But to be easy. And close. And beautiful while at Lastovica cave. And the choice was one – Elata. (UPDATE: on 29.03 we went back specifically to shoot and the photos are added to this album)

Famous unknown Reselets

Only a few kilometers from Karlukovo Reselets unfortunately remains in his shadow. When we started to organize a trip to a beautiful place with an emphasis on majestic rock formations even we originally chose Karlukovo Prohodna Cave as a goal. But children with us were unlikely to be impress from the cave and Eyes of […]

Little, but beautiful Lastovica cave

Month ago Alex with friends decide to go with kids on Lakatnik area. Trip there include and going in to first floor of Temnata dupka cave. So I come with them. Our group from 6 adults and 4 kids go to Jekovo ezero lake and Waterfall in cave and in afternoon we make a snowballs […]

The abandoned way through Arabakonak – PreBalkan cycling

On morning I say goodbye and thank you again with Grandpa Yoan and left Pravets monastery and go to town. Pravets is famous as birth place of Todor Zivkov – last and longest communist leader of Bulgaria. Even here have a monument of him. Passing near I think, that people here make this monument because […]

Karst-o-bikia Deep in karst

  On a day light campsite looks little bit different. So many prickle bushes and sheep’s dung around. But fountain and table next to tent is peerless. I figure that stream next to camp come from rock bridge caves, but first I go to see road that I come tonight. And immediately I see a guy sitting […]


Skaklia waterfall

When weather become warmer some friends from start thinking where to make a one day hike. And Skaklia waterfall in this time of year is perfect. It’s a hour with train from Sofia to go there. From bottom to top of waterfall is famous Vazov eco trail to Zasele village. From there have a […]

Monasteries of Nishava river

When I arrive in Godech, my first goal has monastery St. Nikolay. Now that is new church in outskirts of town. But still in yard may seen a ruins from ancient Roman temple from II-IV century. Monastery is less kilometer north from town center in corn field. There for regret not sing or direction boards, In Godech […]

Bojencite EcoTrail Roman road

Although it is called Roman road , the path is “new” – renaissance, but returned walking on it with centuries. Legend says that a local entrepreneur, a true Gabrovian do not want to rubs the soles of shoes and walked barefoot along the way. And for this to be possible, each year repairing and renewing […]

Ice caving

All January “Grandpa” Tony scolding how now is time to work in narrowest passage in Goliama Balabanova cave, so on end Tony “The beard”, me, Gery and Mitko aka “Chohata” go to Komshtica village. At end on village we left car and start going up in deep snow. The hole entrance of cave has iced, […]