Beautiful caves in Bulgaria

Because of the increased inquiries inSofia Green Tour and along our new project with luminescence with Alex and Krassy by Light and cult, I decided to describe some beautiful caves that are easy enough that almost anyone can visit them. These are not cultivated and illuminated caves but ordinary ones where entry is an extreme […]

Caves Academic and Pepelianka (Viper)

Although known around the longest cave in Bulgaria – Duhlata, the area of Bosnek is attractive for cavers with many interesting caves. More long as Vreloto and PPD (a proven system, but not connected), are quite difficult both technically and equipment. The most common reasons for rescue in Duhlata are due to getting lost or […]

Elata cave

We decided – cave with abyss. But to be easy. And close. And beautiful while at Lastovica cave. And the choice was one – Elata. (UPDATE: on 29.03 we went back specifically to shoot and the photos are added to this album) [peg-gallery album=”” ]

Little, but beautiful Lastovica cave

Month ago Alex with friends decide to go with kids on Lakatnik area. Trip there include and going in to first floor of Temnata dupka cave. So I come with them. Our group from 6 adults and 4 kids go to Jekovo ezero lake and Waterfall in cave and in afternoon we make a snowballs […]

A walk around Lakatnik – Milanovo

I decide to make a “walk” in slightly know for me areas in Lakatnik, even more I put maps of Temnata dupka and Rezishka caves in Google Earth so notice some ground anomalies where underground tunnels are… I take train in 8:30 and little before 10:00 arrive. On Lakatnik train station I meet Kamen, a […]

Bulgarian version of NSS “A Guide to Responsible Caving”

I make translation of “A Guide to Responsible Caving” a years ago, but just now have time to build a small book. As so many years caver, I agree with all in “A Guide…” and try to adapt for Bulgarian reality, but I know the mentality of Bulgarian cavers, and not expect some big interest […]

Light the carbide lamp again

All December we talk with my friend from my old caving club Petya to go again in some cave. And in beginning of January we make a easiest choose – Temnata dupka in Lakatnik rocks. It’s long cave, with few floors, river and lots space to crawl around. And to see now much we are […]

Ice caving

All January “Grandpa” Tony scolding how now is time to work in narrowest passage in Goliama Balabanova cave, so on end Tony “The beard”, me, Gery and Mitko aka “Chohata” go to Komshtica village. At end on village we left car and start going up in deep snow. The hole entrance of cave has iced, […]

With caving course on Dryanovo

When Lora announce that want to celebrate his birthday with all caving club on Drianovo, decision where to make course practice this week has very easy. So we loaded in the car in Friday evening and little after midnight arrive on Dryanovo monastery camping site. People there were advanced with beer materials :)) On morning […]

Exploring Yantra cave

 Rokko and guys from Gabrovo and Drianovo organize a explore expedition with underground camp in Yantra (Padaloto, Izvora) cave. A lot people from different clubs come, to search continuation on known parts. I take a chimney to climb and traverse. Unfortunately, nothing found…

Expedition Zimevitsa

Part One of Expedition “Zimevitsa”. Detour and marking caves and dens in Kacite cave area.

Ukraine 2008 – Ozernaya cave

In January 2008 four people from Speleo club and school Sofia explore Ozernaya cave in west Ukraine. This cave is second larges in Europe gypsum cave – with a length of 122 kilometers. As you will see on photos, we have adventure with car crash, but everything (except car) has OK.

Expedition “Kristalna”, march 2007

02.03 The cars on Kotce with Yanev, Svetlio and Niki and on Joro with Ostromski, Parov and Sasha go to Russe in early evening, and we with Kiro, Kiten and Yana around 23:00. Idea of first group has to sleep in Russe and early on next day to pass the Danube Bridge. 03.03 We pass […]

Duhla cave – entrances A to B (with course 2006)

Duhla cave is largest (18 km.) and one of most beautiful cave system in Bulgaria. And what better way to fascinate a new caving course participants about caves that trip in this cave. One of easiest and appropriate routes in Duhla cave for course/big group is Entrance A to Entrance B. Depend by group takes […]

Introduction in Speleology

One of the things what I started with Course 2006 has Acquaintance trip. Introduction in caves and his dark world before all lectures, practice and mostly before paying fee. I don’t want to scare people, only want to know that they realize what they are getting and chance to stay to the end is bigger. […]