Exploring Yantra cave

 Rokko and guys from Gabrovo and Drianovo organize a explore expedition with underground camp in Yantra (Padaloto, Izvora) cave. A lot people from different clubs come, to search continuation on known parts. I take a chimney to climb and traverse. Unfortunately, nothing found…

Expedition Zimevitsa

Part One of Expedition “Zimevitsa”. Detour and marking caves and dens in Kacite cave area.

Ukraine 2008 – Ozernaya cave

In January 2008 four people from Speleo club and school Sofia explore Ozernaya cave in west Ukraine. This cave is second larges in Europe gypsum cave – with a length of 122 kilometers. As you will see on photos, we have adventure with car crash, but everything (except car) has OK. https://goo.gl/photos/orhSJxcvoRaFHL8V8

Expedition “Kristalna”, march 2007

02.03 The cars on Kotce with Yanev, Svetlio and Niki and on Joro with Ostromski, Parov and Sasha go to Russe in early evening, and we with Kiro, Kiten and Yana around 23:00. Idea of first group has to sleep in Russe and early on next day to pass the Danube Bridge. 03.03 We pass […]