Deutsche Schule spring 2017

This year we spent unforgettable moments with the children from Deutsche Schule Sofia. 10 classes went out in the period 24.04-08.05 2017. This time we went to Lakatnik where besides the games, we entered into a cave and climbed as real climbers:)

Backpack for climbing Cliff 20

As part of the initiative of the Decathlon Group #decathlontester I chose to test several products in various activities. Last year climbed fairly and lugging equipment around, so I chose one of the things associated with this. Cliff 20 backpack is created by Simond for transfer of climbing equipment to the site of climbing or […]

Climbing site Fortress, Bozhenitsa

We wanted to climb. But where to go with children, and they to have fun run and play, and we to climb. Good alternative was Bozhenitsa, but Dolnata zemia (The underside land) still wet and cold in the shade, was not suitable either for us or for children. But look above at the fortress was […]

Light and Cult (Exp.7) Back to “Mother of all niches”

That with “the Mother” nagged not only me, but and the rest of the project crew. And there is no a month and we again go to known camp near Arda river, next to Iron bridge under Oreshari Arch. On Friday morning we with Alex depart and on afternoon go Krasy and Margo. As we […]

Maliovitsa – for climbing and hiking

When Alex mentions Maliovitsa area to climbing for 2-3 days, my first thought has – “Via Ferrata… Finally”. We had to go a whole bunch with kids with cars, but 5 minutes before to get out of home Alex call me with news that will be only as and we travel by bus. The buses […]

One up, one down

On last climb today, we have company – a few paragliders passed over us and say (yell) Hello. I catch on photo with Alex only one…

Light and Cult (Exp.3) Climb on amazing Shan Kaya

Shan kay… After we find a rock last time, completely fell under her magic. There is something mystic or supernatural. Rock like a crushed star-ship, with all niches on it. When you see it from abandon village Sladkodum on other side of gully looks like small rock, but when go near realize it’s more that […]

Ice climb for New Year

For beginning of new 2007 with Tod we decide to go for little ice climb near to Skakavitca hut and waterfall in Rila. Has great start of year. Unfortunately on end of climbing fall avalanche and one friend has affected and after small rescue operation transport to hospital. Nothing serious, but still, that has my […]