Riding on Todorovden and again to Balsha

It became a tradition to cycling on Todorovden, and the route again had to Balsha. I went through Nadejda and after the bridge of Lomsko shose I turned to Mramor. Been a while since I passed by here and I had reserved for the Northern tangent. But it turned out that a small nice bridge […]

The Silk Road… in modem borders and conflicts

To create maps is such a pleasure. When hand draw, mind travel. And I’m pretty sure that thereby appeared labels and graphic like – “Here lives dragons” and “World ends here”… So, let return on topic. Interested by Silk road and following some cyclist travelers I try to research how original Silk road is change […]

Cycling to Belchin and Dupnitsa

Saturday has with a perfect weather forecast for going to bike somewhere. So I accept an invitation to go to Belchin village “new” restored fortress, and even invite Deny – new friend with a desire for biking, but without experience. So start earlier and start from the Business Park Metro station. Uphill is around 21 […]

Cycling to Uzana

This year my participation in the Uzana Eco Fest has little difference. I need to make a presentation about cycling touring and for that reason I go with my bike there. I take a train to Gorna Oryahovitsa at afternoon and a little after 5:00PM arrive. In town I see signboard, to Arbanassi – 3km, […]

Mountain biking on Vitosha

Even though we have the opportunity, we don’t promote and accordingly not receive many inquiries and requests for mountain biking tours on Vitosha mountain in the Sofia Green Tour. But sometimes it happens. This time it was an elderly couple from Germany and their son, married a Bulgarian. Our main concern was to transport bicycles […]

Cycling from Svoge to Mezdra through Iskar Gorge

With plan to make some research about 2-3 day cycling for Sofia Green Tour Birthday event and my Velotouring site I take a train to Svoge. From there immediately escape main road, taking small road next to river. But soon going up and up I rich Zelen village. From here I made incredible downhill and […]

A little west frontier cycling

On last weekend climbing on Lakatnik with Alex I meet a friend from my old caving club and surprisingly has invited for group cycling near to west border. At morning we gather 9 people and catch train to Zemen. From there we cycling on Euro Velo 13 The Iron curtain track. Area is poorly populated, […]

St. Theodore day ride

In 2013 I incidentally fall in celebration on St. Theodore day in Balsha village. And that begain like tradition for me to go there on this day. But in 2014 and now outrides happen in different villages. Villages around Sofia have some scheme about this holiday. Still I make nice ride with my blue horse.

Last ride for year

In Christmas day I decide to make a ride using good and sunny day. So take a train to Elin Pelin and  go to Ognyanovo dam. Even that weather has sunny after 5 km. I stop to put on second pair gloves, and after other 5 km. a second pair socks. Even you make trip […]

Back to Sofia – VeloRhodope 2014 day 8

Koprivshtica is one of most famous historical town in Bulgaria. I love old houses and revival sentiment that brings. But this time has something different. Something that I do not like it. Fewer tourists, glum locals, too many traders in temple. So gladly I left town going back to Sofia. With idea to take a train […]

Starosel and Koprivshtitca – VeloRhodope 2014 day 7

Problem, when choose campsite tired is that you pick first acceptable place. On morning I see that on a hundred meters from my camp is a first of temples in Starosel. With nice parking, chapel and place for tent. I really recommend. But first in the morning I go big tomb, left my bike next […]

Lost in Plovdiv – VeloRhodope 2014 day 6

I wake up early with good mood. After quick breakfast and little suffering to return bike on road in 8:00 I start and in 8:30 already park in front of Bachkovo monastery. Because is Saturday here during the day may have wedding, service or something churchy. All around has people going in and out carrying various staff, so […]

Rozen – on top of mountain – VeloRhodope 2014 day 5

I went to sleep early and felt when it started to rain at midnight. Even August rain is not pleasant, but I not worried about that. I wake up in 9:00 and after hour and half back on saddle. I decided not to go more south and continue to Pamporovo resort. Reach for less that […]

Suffering in Shiroka laka – VeloRhodope 2014 day 4

The day began a little strange. I dream that i meet friends couple that I had not seen in years. “I need to call him, after trip” I thought. Day 4 should be day for rest. There is a lot to see around and in Trigrad. But since I woke up, something worried me… And […]

Endpoint Trigrad – VeloRhodope 2014 day 3

The third day, has I mention on previous trips is The day. Always something interesting happen on third day. I wake up with thought – Lets not be a hardest day on way, please… Still I have don’t know how many kilometers to highest point before Beglika I have. So I start in 8:30 and […]

Up the mountain – VeloRhodope 2014 day 2

Without drop lassitude I start second day. Going on flat road down to Pazardzik I feel good and confident. My goal for today has Beglika dam, where at the end of the week was going to happen Beglika Fest, but now many friends were there as volunteers. And to spend a camp with familiar faces […]

Old road to Plovdiv – VeloRhodope 2014 day 1

Even I plan this trip a few days early, still my bags are not prepared. Even more, my back tyre is flat. So today I wake in 6:00 in morning and make a coffee. After 3 hours and 2 coffees I has ready to go. And so I go through the center, I decided to go and inflated […]

VeloRhodope 2014 Day Before

It is time for this year trip to Rhodope mountain with my bike. This time I plan to start from Sofia and to spend more time in the Western Rhodopes. Here is draft plan…. but still everything will decide on the road 🙂 After week… or 10 days I hope will have a lot of photos and […]

SGT B-day tour day 3

On last day of cycling, route goes very close to Serbian border. It’s small, narrow unused road, but has so hot that we not enjoy enough on ride. The main group in Dragoman take a train, and I again continue to finish as I start – on bike. One of boys – Ivo, come with […]

SGT B-day tour day 2

On day 2we cycle to Zemen town and unique Zemen monastery. After that up in mountain on EuroVelo 13 – The Iron curtain to Tran town and gorge. Some people that never are cycled so much has tired and I spend more of time on end of column. For camp on Erma gorge has nice […]

SGT B-day tour day 1

This year Viacheslav decide to make something big on Sofia Green Tour Birthday. Like multiday bike adventure. And in beginning of July together with more that 50 participants we start. I have done a little selfish to start this cycling from my home, not with others traveling with train to Pernik – starting point for […]