Shimano Nexus 7 – impressions and improvements for bicycle touring

Although I bought a new bike with the idea to upgrade my old mountain bike for more multi-day outings, fact that it is with Nexus 7 and designed for urban cycling, appear no small problem. I was in love with the frame design, but as I felt on Velorodopi 2016 – going and returning to […]

Poganovo monastery, Erma Gorge and Tran Railway

Since have walked monasteries at Nishava river, the most famous monastery on the other side of the border did not gave me peace. Namely Poganovo. And reading about it, I could see that he was only a grain of many things that deserve in this part of Serbia. Like to see what road has replaced […]

And Sarnitsa looks deceptively close

The camp ended. And with the children left and some of the other instructors. I could relax, but peace and quiet were gone from Chatama. For the weekend and the upcoming festival Beglika place was full of people. I used Saturday afternoon to work over bike and put in good trim a another bolt and […]

Old hill, new bike

Again come a week on Chatama with camp “With scent of resin”. This time there was no one with which to travel and had to go there alone. I checked buses to Devin (ie the wall of the Beglika dam) proved to be three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. For start […]

Malak Iskar River. Again, but not really…

In the morning it was still raining. I woke up at 7:30, but until 9.00 still waited at least a bit decrease. Again, I made spaghetti and I’m smart and clever dog, savored them with sugar that constantly carry and collect from cafes as a guide for my tourists. It is useful to carry some […]

Along the river Vit. How not to fall in love with road 305?

I slept a lot. And I slept well. But the first thing I saw when I woke up, had a tick on the wrist. And while the coffee is made, I spinning the tick to pull it out. From what I know about pulling them direction and even rotation are irrelevant. Spinning it, because I […]

Along Iskar River. Selfie on the banks of the Danube and go back.

I slept a 27-8 kilometers from the banks of the Danube. When I reached the bridge over the Iskar River near the village Staroseltsi, I regretted that I had not come here to spend the night. Beautiful river, beautiful meadows. Road Knezha – Krushovene is nice. Straight, with little traffic and a nice shade. Since […]

Along Iskar River. In the Danube plain.

Although all night in the surrounding fields howling jackals I slept well until late. Hooked saddlebags on bike when on the road began to appear people walked to gardens around. I had no water so unwashed and still sleepy headed to Tsarevets. No more than 50-100 meters from where I slept, I saw a wide […]

Along Iskar River. In Iskar gorge

During a meeting of organizations related to biking tourism and project EuroVelo, I got the idea of cycling along the Iskar River from Sofia to the Danube. I created an event to Facebook, but unlike cycling through Etropole to Pazardzhik, now people were more reserved, and also weather was not on my side. So on […]

Slav and Yana on Challenges Days 2015, Sofia

Even though thousands of kilometers from Bulgaria, Slav and Yana took part in this year’s Challenges Days sending video from New York. If you missed the presentation, here’s the video: More about the project, pictures, videos and to support him, visit the expedition website

Down to the valley of roses…

On Saturday I spend all day looking on festival kiosks and meeting friends. I have so regret not bringing my hammock. The day has hot and lazy. My friend Margo gives me a fancy hat, because I forgot mine, and I look like something between Italian cavalier and hippie. Colorful, but with style. On Sunday […]

Cycling to Uzana

This year my participation in the Uzana Eco Fest has little difference. I need to make a presentation about cycling touring and for that reason I go with my bike there. I take a train to Gorna Oryahovitsa at afternoon and a little after 5:00PM arrive. In town I see signboard, to Arbanassi – 3km, […]

The abandoned way through Arabakonak – PreBalkan cycling

On morning I say goodbye and thank you again with Grandpa Yoan and left Pravets monastery and go to town. Pravets is famous as birth place of Todor Zivkov – last and longest communist leader of Bulgaria. Even here have a monument of him. Passing near I think, that people here make this monument because […]

The long road, endless numbers – PreBalkan cycling

On morning fresh and clean I start climb Vasiliovska planina. I need to uphill from 720m altitude to 1210 and then descend to 650 m for 23 km without any village on road. Climb is smooth on good condition road and soon I reach top. Fast descent and I enter in Ribaritsa village. Immediately notice […]

“After next village is only down” – PreBalkan cycling

On morning after wedding I wake up without hang-over. Nice. But immediately notice that my back tent pole is broken – twice. And another problem – a spring holding the front bag was wrapped around the front wheel. Lucky that nothing was damaged permanently… I think. I go to village to Marieta family house, where […]

On wedding with bike – PreBalkan cycling

When Marieta and Miro invite me on their outdoor wedding, first thoughts has – why not to go with bike? On days before wedding I plan different start points – from my home to something next to Gabrovo. Unfortunately, at last, I have only one day so pack my panniers bags and take a train […]

A little west frontier cycling

On last weekend climbing on Lakatnik with Alex I meet a friend from my old caving club and surprisingly has invited for group cycling near to west border. At morning we gather 9 people and catch train to Zemen. From there we cycling on Euro Velo 13 The Iron curtain track. Area is poorly populated, […]

Back to Sofia – VeloRhodope 2014 day 8

Koprivshtica is one of most famous historical town in Bulgaria. I love old houses and revival sentiment that brings. But this time has something different. Something that I do not like it. Fewer tourists, glum locals, too many traders in temple. So gladly I left town going back to Sofia. With idea to take a train […]

Starosel and Koprivshtitca – VeloRhodope 2014 day 7

Problem, when choose campsite tired is that you pick first acceptable place. On morning I see that on a hundred meters from my camp is a first of temples in Starosel. With nice parking, chapel and place for tent. I really recommend. But first in the morning I go big tomb, left my bike next […]

Lost in Plovdiv – VeloRhodope 2014 day 6

I wake up early with good mood. After quick breakfast and little suffering to return bike on road in 8:00 I start and in 8:30 already park in front of Bachkovo monastery. Because is Saturday here during the day may have wedding, service or something churchy. All around has people going in and out carrying various staff, so […]

Rozen – on top of mountain – VeloRhodope 2014 day 5

I went to sleep early and felt when it started to rain at midnight. Even August rain is not pleasant, but I not worried about that. I wake up in 9:00 and after hour and half back on saddle. I decided not to go more south and continue to Pamporovo resort. Reach for less that […]