The famous Lakatnik zipline

Again trip to Lakatnik. This time to attend a special zipline stretching on Alpine meadow by people from Mountain rescue on occasion of the feast of the Gara Lakatnik. Starting at the rocks above the little house and goes down to the shelter. Strung with wire rope is about 60-70 meters and quite steep. If […]

On the edge of icy waterfall and night in a snow cave

Krassy and Alex (from Light and Cult Project) call me with interesting offer for 24 hours. They have idea to go to the Skaklya waterfall to shot the sunrise and the desire to sleep in a snow cave on Mount Vitosha. I accept ideas like that without much thinking. Only inconvenience have about night, because […]

Light and Cult (Exp.3) Climb on amazing Shan Kaya

Shan kay… After we find a rock last time, completely fell under her magic. There is something mystic or supernatural. Rock like a crushed star-ship, with all niches on it. When you see it from abandon village Sladkodum on other side of gully looks like small rock, but when go near realize it’s more that […]

Ice climb for New Year

For beginning of new 2007 with Tod we decide to go for little ice climb near to Skakavitca hut and waterfall in Rila. Has great start of year. Unfortunately on end of climbing fall avalanche and one friend has affected and after small rescue operation transport to hospital. Nothing serious, but still, that has my […]