The rock paintings and graffiti near town of Roman, Vratza

When we started filming for National Geographic of rock graffiti in areas of Tsarevets (Mezdra) and Karlukovo, in two publications I read about another place with graffiti. But the information about the place was minimal, and the only person I knew for sure that he had see them refused details with the argument that they […]


Beautiful caves in Bulgaria

Because of the increased inquiries inSofia Green Tour and along our new project with luminescence with Alex and Krassy by Light and cult, I decided to describe some beautiful caves that are easy enough that almost anyone can visit them. These are not cultivated and illuminated caves but ordinary ones where entry is an extreme […]

Colors, sounds and mummers or Surva in Pernik

Colors, sounds and mummers or Surva in Pernik

In the last weekend of January, Pernik hosts one of the most colorful and noisy carnivals in the country – that of the mummers from all over the country and abroad – Surva. Although it existed since 1966 festival was not held every year and this was the 26th edition. But now has emerged, it […]

Carnival in Gabrovo

I arrived in Gabrovo at work, but arrived at the right time. On May 17 proved celebration of the city, and this year the celebrations have been every day this week. So the first night I enjoyed a light carnival. Other days there were concerts, but unfortunately will not stay until the end of the […]

Famous unknown Reselets

Only a few kilometers from Karlukovo Reselets unfortunately remains in his shadow. When we started to organize a trip to a beautiful place with an emphasis on majestic rock formations even we originally chose Karlukovo Prohodna Cave as a goal. But children with us were unlikely to be impress from the cave and Eyes of […]

Maliovitsa – for climbing and hiking

When Alex mentions Maliovitsa area to climbing for 2-3 days, my first thought has – “Via Ferrata… Finally”. We had to go a whole bunch with kids with cars, but 5 minutes before to get out of home Alex call me with news that will be only as and we travel by bus. The buses […]

Cycling to Belchin and Dupnitsa

Saturday has with a perfect weather forecast for going to bike somewhere. So I accept an invitation to go to Belchin village “new” restored fortress, and even invite Deny – new friend with a desire for biking, but without experience. So start earlier and start from the Business Park Metro station. Uphill is around 21 […]


How to make best hike to Seven Rila lakes and Rila monastery

Seven Rila lakes touristic map Summer is in full swing. And people start asking me again how to reach the Rila monastery and Seven Rila Lakes. To Rila mountain better get three + days to enjoy hiking and nature there. I hardly recommend to make this hike north to south – or Seven Rila lakes […]


After we split with rest of Light and Cult crew, with Alex make camp near Lisicite village on Kardzali dam. We want to stay another day in Rhodope mountain. Rocks near Lisicite are interesting, but on morning we go to Angel Voivoda village to make drone video. For the afternoon was the best – Belintash […]

Ice and fire mood

What better when everything is cover with snow and ice to go to outdoor hot mineral water pool. This one in Separeva banya have 6 different temperature pools… Good choose for start a new year.  

Light and Cult (Exp.3) Climb on amazing Shan Kaya

Shan kay… After we find a rock last time, completely fell under her magic. There is something mystic or supernatural. Rock like a crushed star-ship, with all niches on it. When you see it from abandon village Sladkodum on other side of gully looks like small rock, but when go near realize it’s more that […]

Light and Cult (Exp.2) In search for Shan Kaya and Gouk In

Second trip with Light and Cult movie that I participate has only few crew members – Krasy – Director and cameraman, Alex – cameraman and co-climber, Mila – inspirator and pancake master and me. We search and discuss interesting rocks with niches and how to gain it. On first day we make a big adventure searching […]

Light and Cult (Exp.1) Pancakes allways make good first impression

 A few days ago Margo – friend of mine from Outward Bound Bulgaria, call me and ask for some help with mounting climbing ropes on some rock in East Rhodope. I agree without any details for what to expect. Soon with coming departure date, I learn that will participate in documentary movie and will help […]

Starosel and Koprivshtitca – VeloRhodope 2014 day 7

Problem, when choose campsite tired is that you pick first acceptable place. On morning I see that on a hundred meters from my camp is a first of temples in Starosel. With nice parking, chapel and place for tent. I really recommend. But first in the morning I go big tomb, left my bike next […]

Karst-o-bikia Deep in karst

  On a day light campsite looks little bit different. So many prickle bushes and sheep’s dung around. But fountain and table next to tent is peerless. I figure that stream next to camp come from rock bridge caves, but first I go to see road that I come tonight. And immediately I see a guy sitting […]

Skakavitca – Sapareva banya

Come time to go back to civilization. Path from Skakavitca to Panichishte mountain resort  (or up) is nice, not hard and in impressive forest. In Panichishte is interesting to see inside TIC building a small model of Rila mountain. To and from Panichishte to Sapareva banya have a some minibus, but I decide to walk […]


The Dance of the White Brotherhood

From dark morning I hear steps around my tent. The White brotherhood start bring together for sunrise and big dance near Babreka lake. So I wake up early, drink coffee and check my camera. And with big crowd walk up. When you are near to dancing ring, is impossible to understand scale of this. And for […]

To the Lakes day 3

I have some suspicions that and today will not rich the lakes. But ahead of me has a only village on way – Klisura. I know this place very well, as friends of mine nave a villa there. And know that in restaurant in center have a delicious french fried. Rila summits become larger and larger, but I […]


To the Lakes day 2

First day rain, rain, rain… But on day 2 has perfect weather. On morning until drink my coffee I see maybe meteorological balloon. Path down in South Vitosha is narrow, but well marked. On lunch time I rich Smilio shelter, a perfect place. Between Cherni vrah and Smilio have only one water source. And on […]

To the Lakes day 1

Very spontaneous I decide to make a long hike. From Sofia to Seven Rila lakes. And with all preparation in my first day I start a little before midday. It’s a foggy rainy day. Late in the afternoon I arrive on Cherni vrah (Black peak) – highest point in Vitosha mountain, but because I know […]

VeloRhodope 2013 day 6

As we talk with my friends, they take a rack for my bike, and this day we continue with car. Go fast to Tatul Thracian sanctuary. It’s very strange place with lot spiritual energy. After sanctuary, a lady that sell tickets, tell as about cave type “Womb”. That are cave with shape like female genitals, […]