Malak Iskar River. Again, but not really…

In the morning it was still raining. I woke up at 7:30, but until 9.00 still waited at least a bit decrease. Again, I made spaghetti and I’m smart and clever dog, savored them with sugar that constantly carry and collect from cafes as a guide for my tourists. It is useful to carry some […]

Along the river Vit. How not to fall in love with road 305?

I slept a lot. And I slept well. But the first thing I saw when I woke up, had a tick on the wrist. And while the coffee is made, I spinning the tick to pull it out. From what I know about pulling them direction and even rotation are irrelevant. Spinning it, because I […]

Along Iskar River. Selfie on the banks of the Danube and go back.

I slept a 27-8 kilometers from the banks of the Danube. When I reached the bridge over the Iskar River near the village Staroseltsi, I regretted that I had not come here to spend the night. Beautiful river, beautiful meadows. Road Knezha – Krushovene is nice. Straight, with little traffic and a nice shade. Since […]

Along Iskar River. In the Danube plain.

Although all night in the surrounding fields howling jackals I slept well until late. Hooked saddlebags on bike when on the road began to appear people walked to gardens around. I had no water so unwashed and still sleepy headed to Tsarevets. No more than 50-100 meters from where I slept, I saw a wide […]

Along Iskar River. In Iskar gorge

During a meeting of organizations related to biking tourism and project EuroVelo, I got the idea of cycling along the Iskar River from Sofia to the Danube. I created an event to Facebook, but unlike cycling through Etropole to Pazardzhik, now people were more reserved, and also weather was not on my side. So on […]