Karst-o-bikia Botevgrad – Sofia

In last day of my trip, I had to go 100 km. to home, so no landmarks today. Only goal that I have – to climb Vitinia pass. Nice, from 350 m. above sea level up to 960 for less 15 km. But first I made early quick walk through the ruins of the fortress… In Botevgrad […]

Karst-o-bikia Lost and Found

I been surprise that in Saturday in Karlukovo area no people around. Prohodna cave on at the entrance of which I slept is one of most popular cave and rock formation in Bulgaria. The cave is short – 260 m, but with big volume with two big entrances 35 and 42 m. high. It’s impressive. But […]

Karst-o-bikia Deep in karst

  On a day light campsite looks little bit different. So many prickle bushes and sheep’s dung around. But fountain and table next to tent is peerless. I figure that stream next to camp come from rock bridge caves, but first I go to see road that I come tonight. And immediately I see a guy sitting […]

Karst-o-bikia Across the mountain

After all night raining, air in the morning has fresh and moist. Make a coffee and breakfast outside tent enjoying view.  Because don’t have a locker, for night put my bike between tent and some thorny bushes, so have been nervy about tires. But everything has OK, and after break up camp, start thinking how to go to main […]

Karst-o-bikia Sofia – Lakatnik

Extremely warm February start rankled me, that is time to go somewhere. But still I can’t find a proper panniers bags. In Bulgaria have in shops only one model which is so expensive. Other option is to buy again Chinese bags for one-two weeks usage and then to look like my old ones…. Finally I […]