The strangest thing we found filming

Time ago traveling to Rhodope Mountains, where other from the team of Light and cult already been, I received a message from them with unique photos. We decided to send them first to archaeologists and not publish it until we know more. Bulgarian archaeologists sent pictures abroad, as it turned out to be a challenge […]

Ladders, rock mushrooms and beautiful views. Light and Cult Exp. 9

Morning showed us how charming and beautiful is where you overnight. From the hill where is fortress Asar kaya over Jenda was opened indescribable view to the Nebeska hamlet and Komuniga in the distance to the north and Bezvodno and Borovitza river valley in the south… We woke up at 5:00 to go to the […]

Count them if you can … Light and Cult Exp. 9

There is a reason so often to go to Nochevo. Most people know Parmakkaya, other sharapana (winemaking stones) and niches above it, others know The Jackal. But after a few walks and one lost, with calculations that starting in the village river will go to next one – Angel Voyvoda, we decided it was time […]

Crocodiles, Turtles and Eagle Rocks

The time has come to “listening” and rocks of Dazhdovnitsa. But since I had courses for Dreams and Teams, Alex, Krassy and Mira went on Wednesday night, and I had to go with the bus on Thursday evening. Even before I left, I started to get interesting messages from the group in the Rhodopes. Without […]

On Nochevo with drone

I have plans for this weekend to go to Lakatnik, but early morning Krassy call me with question – Do you want small trip to Nochevo for one day? Last time in this area with Alex, we walk around without clear idea where we are, and I been sure that there is more to see. […]

Light and Cult (Exp.7) Back to “Mother of all niches”

That with “the Mother” nagged not only me, but and the rest of the project crew. And there is no a month and we again go to known camp near Arda river, next to Iron bridge under Oreshari Arch. On Friday morning we with Alex depart and on afternoon go Krasy and Margo. As we […]

Light and Cult (Exp.6) Mist, mysteries and big discoveries

If some can describe these five days researching and filming with five words would be – four days of rain, one sunny. Just kidding. Really, it’s rained four days, but every day we managed to find something new. But let me start from the beginning. We start on Tuesday before noon with two cars – […]

Light and Cult (Exp.5 part 2) Why spirits are angry?

Night in hammock has great, even with rain. On Friday we have all day until others come at evening. So we go to Sladkodum to Shan kay to search some part of camera lost last time. Without baggage to rock is nice walk. Sadly not find. And go to Nenkovo. On way we visit Perperikon […]

Light and Cult (Exp.5 part 1) Cool river, not cool rock

On last meeting with Krasy and Alex about new Light and Cult filming, we spots few things to do. First, we have permission to take down stone from which my participation start, second Krasy wants to make experiment with rods and ropes to see how is easy to rich niches. Alex wants to check some […]

Light and Cult (Exp.4) 3D Scaning and first discoveries

Finally, first travel for this year for Light and Cult Project come. Early morning with Alex and his daughter we left Sofia and go east. Arriving first start choosing a place for camp. Soon we hear noise from next car, but car continued and Alex call to guys with question – “Are you just pass […]

Light and Cult (Exp.3) Climb on amazing Shan Kaya

Shan kay… After we find a rock last time, completely fell under her magic. There is something mystic or supernatural. Rock like a crushed star-ship, with all niches on it. When you see it from abandon village Sladkodum on other side of gully looks like small rock, but when go near realize it’s more that […]

Light and Cult (Exp.2) In search for Shan Kaya and Gouk In

Second trip with Light and Cult movie that I participate has only few crew members – Krasy – Director and cameraman, Alex – cameraman and co-climber, Mila – inspirator and pancake master and me. We search and discuss interesting rocks with niches and how to gain it. On first day we make a big adventure searching […]

Light and Cult (Exp.1) Pancakes allways make good first impression

 A few days ago Margo – friend of mine from Outward Bound Bulgaria, call me and ask for some help with mounting climbing ropes on some rock in East Rhodope. I agree without any details for what to expect. Soon with coming departure date, I learn that will participate in documentary movie and will help […]