Malak Iskar River. Again, but not really…

In the morning it was still raining. I woke up at 7:30, but until 9.00 still waited at least a bit decrease. Again, I made spaghetti and I’m smart and clever dog, savored them with sugar that constantly carry and collect from cafes as a guide for my tourists. It is useful to carry some […]

Along the river Vit. How not to fall in love with road 305?

I slept a lot. And I slept well. But the first thing I saw when I woke up, had a tick on the wrist. And while the coffee is made, I spinning the tick to pull it out. From what I know about pulling them direction and even rotation are irrelevant. Spinning it, because I […]

Cycling to Uzana

This year my participation in the Uzana Eco Fest has little difference. I need to make a presentation about cycling touring and for that reason I go with my bike there. I take a train to Gorna Oryahovitsa at afternoon and a little after 5:00PM arrive. In town I see signboard, to Arbanassi – 3km, […]

The abandoned way through Arabakonak – PreBalkan cycling

On morning I say goodbye and thank you again with Grandpa Yoan and left Pravets monastery and go to town. Pravets is famous as birth place of Todor Zivkov – last and longest communist leader of Bulgaria. Even here have a monument of him. Passing near I think, that people here make this monument because […]

The long road, endless numbers – PreBalkan cycling

On morning fresh and clean I start climb Vasiliovska planina. I need to uphill from 720m altitude to 1210 and then descend to 650 m for 23 km without any village on road. Climb is smooth on good condition road and soon I reach top. Fast descent and I enter in Ribaritsa village. Immediately notice […]

“After next village is only down” – PreBalkan cycling

On morning after wedding I wake up without hang-over. Nice. But immediately notice that my back tent pole is broken – twice. And another problem – a spring holding the front bag was wrapped around the front wheel. Lucky that nothing was damaged permanently… I think. I go to village to Marieta family house, where […]

On wedding with bike – PreBalkan cycling

When Marieta and Miro invite me on their outdoor wedding, first thoughts has – why not to go with bike? On days before wedding I plan different start points – from my home to something next to Gabrovo. Unfortunately, at last, I have only one day so pack my panniers bags and take a train […]