Sharaliiska cave

In a one-day walk with Krasi Andonov to shoot the natural luminescence of the formations there. And the cave is best known for one particular formation – the cave pearls.

Dolna Koznitza and Razmetanitza

Invited by Ivo Filipov from Facebook page – Megaliths & ancient cult places in Bulgaria I joined with him a field detour in Razmetanitza region in search for megalith cult places. Situated between Kustendil and Dupnitza on cross road of few historical geographic areas, Razmetanitza is interesting, but unknown. Rocky hills with pasture and wild […]

Colors, sounds and mummers or Surva in Pernik

Colors, sounds and mummers or Surva in Pernik

In the last weekend of January, Pernik hosts one of the most colorful and noisy carnivals in the country – that of the mummers from all over the country and abroad – Surva. Although it existed since 1966 festival was not held every year and this was the 26th edition. But now has emerged, it […]


After we split with rest of Light and Cult crew, with Alex make camp near Lisicite village on Kardzali dam. We want to stay another day in Rhodope mountain. Rocks near Lisicite are interesting, but on morning we go to Angel Voivoda village to make drone video. For the afternoon was the best – Belintash […]