Shimano Nexus 7 – impressions and improvements for bicycle touring

Although I bought a new bike with the idea to upgrade my old mountain bike for more multi-day outings, fact that it is with Nexus 7 and designed for urban cycling, appear no small problem. I was in love with the frame design, but as I felt on Velorodopi 2016 – going and returning to […]

Shoes for hiking Quechua Arpenaz 100

Three things I love in these shoes – they are light, soft and very warm … And when I say light, a pair is a little over 800 grams. even though are averagely high boots. I think are Class A-B hiking boots, making them perfect for beginners tourists as well the collar covers the ankle, […]

Backpack for climbing Cliff 20

As part of the initiative of the Decathlon Group #decathlontester I chose to test several products in various activities. Last year climbed fairly and lugging equipment around, so I chose one of the things associated with this. Cliff 20 backpack is created by Simond for transfer of climbing equipment to the site of climbing or […]

The Silk Road… in modem borders and conflicts

To create maps is such a pleasure. When hand draw, mind travel. And I’m pretty sure that thereby appeared labels and graphic like – “Here lives dragons” and “World ends here”… So, let return on topic. Interested by Silk road and following some cyclist travelers I try to research how original Silk road is change […]

Mountain Rescue Service in Bulgaria now with App

Very useful small app has made for all tourists, skiers and hikers in Bulgaria. With this app you may connect with Mountain Rescue Service in Bulgaria sending SMS message with GPS coordinates and your condition. Or call directly. The mountains here are not very high, but in seasons late autumn, winter and early spring very […]

Tim Moss Expedition Grant Winners

On 16.10.2015 Tim Moss announce winners of his grant, which from £400 increase to £1600. Tim received hundreds of applications, but select 32 to to continue to the finish line. And now we have a one big winner – Elise Downing, who wants to run the Coast of Great Britain and raising money for mental […]

Boyana waterfall in TripAdvisor

Today, as man who added and menage Boyana Waterfall in TripAdviser site I got mail for new stickers. As attraction in Sofia waterfall going up and up, receive lot positive reviews, including Sofia Green Tour hike. And it’s deserved. I go there few day in week and never tire, even have some plans to make […]

Tim Moss grant for adventure

A 3 weeks ago, in Twitter I find Tim Moss idea to donate his £200 from advertising in site and with other £200 collect in founding site to make grant for adventures and adventurers. As “small” adventurer I like this grant for my idea for bicycle pilgrimage and apply. And I fully realize that a […]


How to make best hike to Seven Rila lakes and Rila monastery

Seven Rila lakes touristic map Summer is in full swing. And people start asking me again how to reach the Rila monastery and Seven Rila Lakes. To Rila mountain better get three + days to enjoy hiking and nature there. I hardly recommend to make this hike north to south – or Seven Rila lakes […]

Bulgarian version of NSS “A Guide to Responsible Caving”

I make translation of “A Guide to Responsible Caving” a years ago, but just now have time to build a small book. As so many years caver, I agree with all in “A Guide…” and try to adapt for Bulgarian reality, but I know the mentality of Bulgarian cavers, and not expect some big interest […]

Field homemade candle

To reduce using headlamp and batteries consummation I decide to make safe homemade candle that use in tent and camps. I have a few propolis balls that friend give me for may experiments to made wax for my jackets. And I just smash one of this balls, make a hole for candle-wick with pricker and […]

Choosing a tent advices

  Tents are generally temporary shelters made of fabric. They have a detachable structure type skeleton from aluminum or fiber glass poles which gives deployed form. Disassembled, it is packaged for transport. When looking at the internet shop or ask in shop for equipment for the tent has two main indication from which to start […]

Three favorite solo traveling food recipes

When you lose so many calories you need a rich and caloric food. Unfortunately cooking outdoors does not always allow this. Here are some of my favorite recipes. With photos from VeloRhodope 2014 trip Pasta with processed cheese My favorite and easiest to prepare dish. You need only pasta or spaghetti, 2 pieces processed cheese […]

First Aid With Traditional Medicine

Using herbs and granny tricks can help when turn out that a medicine is missing in the first aid kit. And medicine chest for traditional medicine is all nature. So it is helpful to know some of these tricks… In heartbeat: On the heart area put towels soaked in cold water and change in about […]

Impregnation of jackets

I spend a lot of time outside in the mountains and outdoors, often regardless of the weather. And to be wet is not pleasant. Summer is easy, raining an hour or two strong, but when stop your clothes dry quickly. Other seasons is not so… I needed impregnation of clothes. I found and quite be […]

Knowledge of signs for worsening of weather

  Degradation of weather can be predicted with following signs: – Drop in atmospheric pressure, increasing of appeared during the day cumulus clouds, rapidly increasing and thickening of appeared in evening clouds. – The clouds are moving in the opposite direction of the wind near the surface. – Little or no dew, the morning much colder […]

Indications of improving weather

Improving weather can predict the following signs: -Atmospheric pressure gradually increases, the temperature is lowered at dusk and the clouds torn and from west appear enlightened. – Appear cumulus clouds with bizarre shapes that disappear in the evening, the wind during the day intensifies and on evening subsides. The rapid increase in atmospheric pressure means […]

Disinfection of drinking water

Why disinfection of water? Even in the most pure and clear stream may have contaminants such as bacteria, protozoa, parasites, viruses, chemicals, sludge, etc. They got there by animals, people or other contamination. Since no one can say whether the water is safe to drink just by looking, the best idea is to use something […]

Food poisoning

Food acute poisoning is possible when in the food are placed poor quality animal products /meat, fish, sausages, canned meat and fish, milk and dairy products/. Food poisoning /food toxic infections/ arises from the impact of micro-organisms and products of their metabolism /toxins/ on the human body. Food would be infected with improper storage and […]

Directions by local signs

For the man who observes keenly, directions can be determined by the lichens, mosses or anthills. It turns out that the north side of rocks and trees have more mosses and lichens than in the south. This is because after the rain the trunks of trees on the north side are longer dark and damp, […]